Growth Spurts

Today’s post is about hair and nails. I’ve read and have always heard that your hair and nails grow a great deal during pregnancy because of (what else?) hormones. An increase in hormones is the reason attributed for every change we experience when we’re pregnant.

Well, I must say that this one is definitely true! A few weeks ago I noticed that my nails were super long and strong. I’ve always had relatively nice nails (or as the nail lady says at the nail shop: yo nale bew-ti-fo! Luk lyk fake nale!); but I’ve definitely noticed an increase in their length over the last few months.

I read today that the changes you see in hair and nails goes away after you have the baby. Bummer!

With my hair, though, it’s been another story. It hasn’t been growing at an alarming rate (at least not on my head…under my arms…well…yeah). Lately my hair has been very uncooperative in the mornings and I’m annoyed! It just doesn’t seem to want to ‘act right.’ My hair stylist thinks I’m exaggerating but I know my hair. It could also be because I simply don’t feel like combing it most days, so I get frustrated more easily!

Either way, if this keeps up I will transform myself into a braided beauty and kiss my hair woes good-bye for a little while. Besides, I don’t want to get attached to these ‘supposed’ long and luxurious locks, only to have it all fall out once the baby’s born!

Here’s a pic of my last manicure. Not bad, huh? I guess the nail lady was right! LOL


Posted on June 8, 2010, in The Rattle: Everything Baby. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Okay…the nail lady’s accent is hilarious 🙂

  2. You are funny….. Whatta great sense of humor

    Luk Like Fake Nale…….. lol

    I’m glad to here of your bundle of joy ( it truely is a miracle), you are a sweet person and I wish you and your husband the best always. I think your blog is a wonderful idea, one day you can reflect back on these memories and share with your child, oh what a blessing.

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