A Yeyo’s Letter: It’s all for you (a letter to my baby)

Dear My Precious Child,

Today was a magnificent day in my life and in our life as family and even though you were there through it all inside me tummy, I want to explain to you what was going on. After two long years of lots of hard work, I graduated from graduate school with my Master’s degree! It has been a long journey…but I did it with the strength and support of the Lord, your dad, and our family and friends.

I decided to go back to school to get this degree in an effort to try and do all I can to provide you with the life I’ve always wanted to give you – one filled with love, support, and the encouragement to go out and realize your dreams. Your father and I both feel that education is the key that unlocks the door for success, and even starting now, we want to pass that key onto you.

Just thinking about you today and how much more my life will change once you’re here makes my heart so full! You make me so happy already, and you’re not even here yet! There are lots of other people too who can’t wait to hold you in their arms and meet you for the first time.

Thank you sharing in my special day with me, making it 1,000 times more special!

With love,

Your Yeyo


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