Let the side-show begin

Yesterday was an interesting day, to say the least. I wore this one particular dress to work that has a really high empire waist, which made me look pregnant, even before I was pregnant (trust me – a few people asked if I was when I first wore the dress). Now that there really is a bun in my oven, I figured wearing the dress would be no big deal.

Boy, was I wrong! BAD. IDEA. Here’s where things went wrong.

First, the top of the dress (which is cotton, by the way) is black and kind of thin. My boobs were already huge, so it stretches and you can see through it a little bit. Knowing that, I put on a bra tank underneath (especially now that my breasts have their own zip code). What I didn’t think about was my stomach. The tank wasn’t very long, so it kept rolling up over my stomach all day long! I eventually had to just tuck it in underneath my bra. I spent countless minutes pushing and pulling on my clothes…looking like a nudist desperate to get out them and join a colony! Ugh! So annoying.

Mistake number two was that because my body is changing, so is the fit of the dress. It was higher in the front (obviously) and a little in the back (surprisingly), so I decided to wear leggings. The leggings that I pulled out of the drawer weren’t my favorite soft ones…the material was more like pantyhose (I didn’t have time to fish around for the other ones). Ultimately, while the bra tank was rolling up, the leggings were rolling down. It was like a break-dancing battle was going on between my undergarments. Not a good look! Literally! To say that I was uncomfortable is an understatement.

Lastly, I wanted to change clothes before I went to church so I wouldn’t have to worry about my apparel frustrations. But, I didn’t get the chance to because I had to run an errand after I got off work. I ate something before church (of course) which proved to be the biggest faux paux of the day, as far as my clothes were concerned. My little belly which was much more obvious because of the dress, became 10 times obvious because I had just eaten! It looked like I was hiding a Butterball Turkey underneath my clothes. OMG, I got so many looks and stares and requests to rub my tummy that I thought I was going to scream!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to hide my pregnancy or anything like that, but I’m still getting used to all of the changes my body is going through and trying to make the mental adjustments necessary. And with so many people gawking at me all at once, I felt strange. Like a spectacle in a circus, or…a sideshow.

I think what’s most annoying is that this is just the beginning. As my stomach grows larger and larger, the more looks, stares, and rubbing requests I’ll get. I understand that this is all par for the course, but when you’re going through it for the first time…it can become a lot to deal with until you get the hang of it.

To every yeyo that I’ve ever asked to rub or touch their belly (especially without permission!), in the classic words of Miss Anita Baker: “I Apologize.” For real!

And to those around me that may be tempted to “Touch My Body” (as Mariah would say), please be kind and at least ask first. I know it’s a miracle and it’s exciting, but this is still my body! I wouldn’t go around asking to touch your booty just because it got bigger.

Much love,


Here’s a pic of me in the dress. It was the best shot I could get without having to crop out a bunch of people…but, it’s enough to where you get the idea!


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  1. Ms. Amber, I think its great you have this blog to share your pregnacy with all of us who love you!!! In the picture, I guess because of the cropping you dont look prgnant to me….
    And for the record I feel you with the belly rubbing…please just ask before you reach out and touch…

    Love you,

  2. Almost forgot…sorry about fight you had with your clothes…lol!!

  3. Great blog! Sorry about the apparel war. And for the record, I have had to physically restrain myself from touching your stomach. People can’t help it! It’s the same compulsion that leads people to start talking in TERRIBLE English accents anytime they meet someone from the UK (or Australia for that matter).

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