Bellies R Us!

This past Saturday my husband and I set out on the adventure that is creating a baby registry! A few weeks ago I took him to Babies R Us just to introduce him to the store, walk around, get a feel for it, etc. I didn’t want to overwhelm him all in one day by having our registry day be our first time there.  I was glad I did that because on Saturday, he was all ready and set to go start this wish list!

We went to Target first, because I figured that we should do like we did for the wedding and have more than one store with different price points and to get different things. Target turned out to be disappointment, though. They don’t have a wide variety of brands for certain items and their inventory sucks! The scanner gun thingy kept beeping for things they had a low quantity of. So annoying! We may not even keep that registry.

After Target we took a lunch break and then headed over to the Babies R Us across the street. I immediately began calling it “Bellies R Us” because there were – naturally- so many pregnant women! My goodness! I had never seen so many bellies in one place in my life! LOL

They have a comprehensive list of things to register for so that you’ll have the most completest of complete nurseries for your baby. Some of their items I found to be a little excessive. There were so many things to think about that it was a little overwhelming! In the end, we wound up scanning 83 items, which I felt was a good start. I knew there were some things we would go back and review/add/delete later…but I felt like we had established a good foundation. That was until the lady at the registry desk told us that we should have close to 200 items. Dang! Really? Wow.

Overall I realized how ignorant we were and still relatively are to the things a baby needs. We didn’t want to get too many or too little quantities of things. Didn’t want to be modest, but not over-do it, either. From diapers, pacifiers, burp cloths, teething rings, to blankets…whew! It was a lot! But next time we go, we’ll feel more prepared. You can add stuff on their website, which is a plus as well.

I’m just happy we finally went out and did it. One more thing to check off my Operation-Get-Baby-Here to do list! Yay us!


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