A Yeyo’s Letter

To my darling daughter,

So much is happening right now in anticipation of your arrival, that has everyone excited! All of your aunties and I are working very hard to make your baby shower a fantastic event. There’s lots of planning, researching, food tasting, and shopping going on! You’ve even received a few gifts already! There’s so much love surrounding you already, and I know that you’ll feel it the moment you enter this world.

Your father and I are doing our part to prepare for the day you come home. We really can’t wait to see your cute little face! This is your 23rd week in my womb – so you are more than half the way there toward your birthday. I think about you so much…what you’ll look like, what kind of personality you’ll have, what you’ll grow up to be.

I thank the Lord everyday that He has chosen me (and your dad) to bring you into this world.

Until next time, my dear.


Your Yeyo


Posted on August 5, 2010, in A Yeyo's Letter. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. OMG!!! Amber your having a girl!!! Yaay…I’m so happy for you…although I would have been just as excited if you were having a boy. Im over the moon for you and Mo. I am keeping you and Mo in my prayers.

  2. @ Rhon…thank you for your love, continued prayers, and for supporting my blog(s). You are such a lovely woman of God! I appreciate you!

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