You Know You’re Pregnant When…

…sleep begins to evade you. One of the top 10 comments I hear about being a parent is: enjoy your sleep now, because when that baby comes you’ll never sleep the same again! Umm, ok, yeah, that’s a given. However, no one really talks much about how much of a task that getting that precious sleep can become while you’re pregnant!

During my first trimester I was up sneezing and blowing my nose all night (and continued to do for the first few hours after I woke up). Now that I’m cruising through my second trimester, I’m sneezing less, but still have to blow my nose a lot in the mornings and sometimes during the night. Late night phlegm sessions is not attractive, by the way.

Trying to get comfortable is the biggest challenge. In fact, I’d venture to say that comfortable has now become the equivalent to a four letter word in my vocabulary! I toss and turn from side to side looking for that “right spot.” My dear husband bought a maternity pillow for me which has helped tremendously…but this thing is HUGE!!!! It takes up a lot of the bed and the poor guy has had to sleep on the couch and even the floor some nights just to get some space. Ain’t that a shame? lol

My Back N' Belly maternity pillow by Leachco

I don’t what this lady is so happy about. I mean, for real. She must not really be pregnant! LOL

Last night was especially difficult for some reason. I started getting back pains and became restless at 5:00am. Yes, you read that right. There’s nothing worse than being super exhausted but can’t sleep! Not to mention the baby must have thought it was play time, because she was just movin-and-shakin’! No, no, princess…it’s not time for of that right now!

Anywho, I managed to drift back to sleep for a little while but woke back up around 8:00am or so. Needless to say, sleeping in on Saturdays has officially become a thing of the past for me – and my husband too. I guess it’s the body’s way of training you for those late night feedings that will take over our lives in just a few short months.

Thankfully I don’t have much to do today, so I can at least relax around the house for a while.

Until next time…catch some zzzzzzzzz’s for me!

Love & Hugs,



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