I’m really, really, really, scared…

of  having a C-section a.k.a. Cesarean section. I was just reading one of my favorite blogs (which you already know is curlynikki.com) where the writer is pregnant and just delivered her baby on Sunday. She had a beautiful little girl named Gia. Love the name, btw! I’ve been watching her blog  closely, joining in on her anticipation of the arrival of her baby girl. She’s an excellent writer and her blog/website is a lot of fun and while it’s very informative on its main topic of natural hair – I appreciate that she offers a little bit of herself and her life as well.

Gosh! Now that I think about it…I hope that’s what you all get from this blog, too!*smile*

Anyway – she wrote a post on her birthing experience. It seems as though she wanted to do all she could to have a natural birth – but to her dismay, she ended up having a cesarean section. Like her, I truly do want to have a natural childbirth. Cesarean sections are so…ugh! Scary! That’s what I want to say. They’re scary!

I recently watched an episode of TLC’s “A Baby Story” and there was a mother who was laboring too long, so in true hurry-up-and-get-this-woman-out-of-here hospital fashion her doctor recommended she have a C-section. I felt so bad for her as she lay there on that table with that big blue sheet separating her from her baby as he entered the world. They whisked the baby away to clean him up and do all that other stuff they do, and all she could do was lay there, helpless. She wasn’t able to hold him and you could see the twinge of sadness through the tears of joy she cried. She and her husband were NOT prepared for a C-section at all. They didn’t educate themselves on what it would entail because they were so focused on having the baby vaginally. This made it worse, in my opinion. I know this may all seem super dramatic for a 30 minute cable program…but I promise, that’s how it really was!

My husband and I want to do all we can to have a positive birthing experience. I feel like God designed a woman’s body in such a way that she’s able to handle giving birth on her own, without a major surgery – which is really what a cesarean section is. I don’t want my birthing experience to be anything like you see in the movies with all of that fussin’, cussin’, and hollerin’. We have hired a doula (I”ll write another post later to explain that means) to aid us in achieving the birthing experience that we want, but yet and still…some days I get scared that A: I won’t be strong enough to withstand the pain and/or B: something will be wrong with my baby and they’ll have to cut her out of me.

I know that you can’t control how things go and I most certainly don’t want to live on what-ifs, but I admit that…like I said – sometimes, the thought just scares me.

There’s nothing deeper than that that I want to say…I just wanted to get that out and off my chest.

I heard on my talk radio station today that this procedure is becoming more and more common these days. Yikes!

Click here to read more on the study they cited.

This is another good link for more info on what is involved with C-Sections.  No me gusta!

Praying for the best,



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  1. Hey princessofgeekadonia!!

    I am just here to let you know, there is no need to be scared!! As I kept up with your progress through your college years, meeting your geek, marrying your geek, worshiping & praying with your geek, then getting pregnant with your geek, only leads me to believe that you are going in the right order of things. I truly believe that the birth of your baby girl will go smooth as the rest of your life did.
    I am so proud of you for accomplishing all of your goals, and don’t you worry about a thing!! You will truly be blessed by this, so just know that vaginal delivery IS ON THE WAY!!!

    • Awwww!!!! Tracy!!!! Wow. Thank you sooo much…that alone made me feel so much better. That’s actually part of the reason why I started this blog – to get the encouragement I needed in areas that have me uncertain. People are praying for me/us already and that just warms my heart! I love you, girl!

  2. I have the same fears about giving birth and pray that everything goes smoothly and I am able to have a natural birth. But no need to worry or stress about it now, just continually lift it up in prayer.

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