Yeyo of the Week: Tiffany

This week’s Yeyo of the Week is a college friend of mine named Tiffany. I met her through my old college roommate, who used to be her dorm roommate. We never had any of the same classes, but managed to share some pretty significant experiences together (*smile*).  She’s an honest and sincere woman with…not to mention, some of the most gorgeous hair I’ve ever seen!!!!

She is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta sorority and this year she completed her Master’s degree in Public Management and Policy. You go girl!!!!!

I learned a lot from her interview so please read on and enjoy!

How long have you been a mom?

I have been a mom since June 26, 2006.

How many children do you have?

I have one son named Joshua Seth, who is now a very independent 4 year old 😉

What about motherhood scared you the most during your pregnancy?

Honestly, I was extremely concerned about my child being born with a disability or him even being born breached. I watched so many pregnancy shows and personally know women that had difficult pregnancies and I started to internalize the issues they dealt with. I also thought about going through some sort of cardiac arrest during labor and not being around to raise my son.

What has been your greatest reward or joy from being a mother?

I gave birth to my soul-mate. Joshua and I have this unbreakable bond, something that he doesn’t share with his father or grandparents. When we lay down at night or are just spending time with each other at the movies or park, we both are extremely happy and feel complete. My spirit is settled when we are together, true love at its best. 😉

Describe what you like the least about motherhood (if anythingand be honest!)?

When Josh was born, he had battles with Colic, then Croup, then a difficult respiratory problem that has since cleared up. There would be nights where he would cry for hours because of the uncomfortableness of the croup or I would have to stay up and watch him to make sure that he didn’t suffer another febrile seizure from having an extremely high fever. As well, your personal life is placed on hold, indefinitely, if you plan to be the best mommy possible. I used to wonder how young women were STILL able to live their lives as if they were childless and after becoming a MOTHER, I understood that they were MAMAS.


What is the hardest lesson youve learned about life since you became a mom?

God created my son to be who is supposed to be, not who I want him to be. I used to measure my son’s accomplishments against those of other children that he is raised with or attends school with and it started to consume my life. You can find yourself vicariously living through your children when you indirectly push them to do what “you think” they should do. I am glad that I recognized this problem early on because I am now comfortable with allowing Josh to be who he is. He is a very mature, independent, creative, and musically inclined 4 year old. 😉

Whats the best piece of advice someone has given you about parenting?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. You’re not perfect so why do you expect for you child to be?

What advice from your own experiences would you give to a new mom or mom-to be?

Great question. Let’s see, for starters, plan your pregnancy whether married or single. Being married does NOT grant you the “Perfect Timing” license for bringing forth life. With that being said, make sure your partner is on-board with you and you have the support of your families. Second, don’t attempt to be super mom because you will fail. There are so many things to learn about motherhood that are just that, lessons to be learned. Take every experience and reflect on it by asking yourself what you did correctly and don’t be ashamed when you feel you could have done something differently. Allow the father to share in the experience with you as well. After all, you did need him to start the process, right? Last thing, never take your time with your children for granted because they have been loaned to us from God so appreciate and love them as much as possible.

Miss Tiffany and her Cutie Josh!


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