Yes, I just made that word up. And I like it!

I’m here in bed spending time with my favorite friend: my laptop. I love this thing!

I’ve decided to write a post about the random things that are floating through my mind right now. Consider this a “Seinfeld” post. 🙂

1) I’m tired. Like, super-dee-duper tired. Work is getting more frantic as the fall quarter draws nearer (it starts next Thursday). I leave work exhausted…even though, as I know you’re thinking: I take it easy as best I can. I hope to hang in there as things get busier over the next couple of months…but trust that the idea of maternity leave sounds sweeter and sweeter with each day!

2) My teeth hurt. I had an orthodontist appointment this morning. Enough said. No, wait…I’m tired of braces and ready to get them off! There. Enough said.

3) Gmail takes some getting used to. I just switched to Gmail after being a hotmail user for about 12 years. Man, that’s a long time! I was really attached to my hotmail account  until it betrayed me and was hacked into. No bueno! Gmail is a lot snazzier than hotmail, but the inbox feels so busy and text heavy. I miss my reading pane! I guess I’ll get used to it eventually. And I do really like the calendar feature, so that’s a plus.

4) The baby’s crib came today (thanks, Milly!). I can’t wait to put it up and really start feeling another dose of reality that a baby will be here soon. Lately we’ve been in this holding pattern of not doing things too soon, but not wanting to wait too long to get things done like rearrange our room, create storage, etc., to prepare for baby. I’m thinking after the shower all of that will change.

5) I wish I had more time to blog and write.

6)  I’m hungry…but what else is new?

7) Why don’t people like to RSVP? *soannoying*

I think that’s it for now. Well, not really. There’s more. But I’m tired of typing.

Good night, Yeyos!



Posted on September 14, 2010, in Life. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. I liked this post and its “Seinfeld” feel. You are almost there mamacita…..I hear “Rocky” music playing 🙂

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