Yeyo of the Week: Amanda

Everyone, meet Amanda…our newest Yeyo of the Week!  Amanda and I attend the same church and thus have known each other for several years. It’s only been over the last couple of years, though, that we’ve begun to form a relationship. Crazy how that happens, huh? I’m so pleased at how the Lord is blessing me with the opportunity to form new bonds with people to share in my journey toward motherhood.

Amanda is a strong and vibrant woman that’s a lot of fun with tons of personality! See why we get along? J  But I must say, she has small case of road rage, so watch out if you ever see her on the road.  LOL

1) How long have you been a mom?

I have been a Mom for 11 years.

2) How many children do you have?

I have 2 ½ children.  My daughter Celeste is 11 years old and my son Donovan is 6 years old. I am currently pregnant with my 3rd.

3) What about motherhood scared you the most during your pregnancy?

What scared me the most was having a child that was handicap or seriously ill.  As a mother you instinctively want to protect your child from all hurt, harm and danger.  Sometimes there are circumstances beyond your control that make you feel as though you are unable to protect them.  My youngest brother was handicap and seriously ill, consequently he passed away at 11.  I remember it being so hard and painful to watch him endure the many seizures, surgeries, tons of medications, etc. as well as physical and mental challenges.  I constantly had to be a wall between him and ignorant people.

4) What has been your greatest reward or joy from being a mother?

There are many joys of being a mother.   My children saying that they are “Happy”… is high on the list though.  They may not always have the latest styles or toys, etc. but they are happy.  When they hug me because they can see I may not be having a good day but I am trying to hide it…that is Love.   I can’t explain how it feels to get a hug from your kid… J

I LOVE the fact that they love school very much and both EXCEL! They take pride in their work and wanting to be good at all times in all areas of school.  My son wants to do what his older sister does…if she is student of the month he strives to be student of the month as well.  It is an honor and privilege to have children with great minds and hearts.

The most important joy AND reward is them LOVING the Lord.  They enjoy going to church and learning about God and participating within Church.

I am doing my best to set foundations for them to help them be successful adults.   I know they are not perfect, neither am I…so I don’t have ANY COMPLAINTS!

5) Describe what you like the least about motherhood (if anything…and be honest!)?

What I like the least is having “Me” time.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming…heck! A lot of the times it is overwhelming especially now that I am pregnant.   I am a Mommy, Wife, full time Employee and last ME.  I am just now realizing it is OK to have ME time and I have to make an effort to get that time so that I can be ALL the things my family needs me to be.  My kids need me to be whole and they have to understand they can’t always go with Mommy to Target…sometimes that’s ME time. J

6) What is the hardest lesson you’ve learned about life since you became a mom?

The hardest lesson I have learned is “giving up” is not an option.  It is much easier to give up or walk away from something than to deal with it.  I have children who depend on me.  There are times when I have wanted to walk away from everything and everybody…BUT I couldn’t.  God gave me these kids to nurture, protect and take care of.  God never said it would be easy… I can’t run-away from anything.  I must fight and stand strong and lean on God for ALL that I need and desire. J

7) What’s the best piece of advice someone has given you about parenting?

The best piece of advice was to treat my kids as God treats me.  I am to give them the same unconditional love and forgiveness. I am God’s daughter and how many times has he told me something over and over again?  He forgives and loves me unconditionally.

8) What advice from your own experiences would you give to a new mom or mom-to be?

Have patience.  Trust your heart.  You can seek advice from others who have been where you are but remember everything doesn’t work for everybody so have discernment.  You will make mistakes and that’s OK.  There isn’t a manual for being a Mom.  Each child is different, TRUST ME! What worked and works for Celeste DOES NOT work for Donovan.  They are individuals just as we adults are…LOL  NEVER be afraid to speak your mind and do what is best for you and your child…who cares what someone else thinks?  This is your child and you are responsible for them.

Thanks, Amanda!


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  1. Mandy, I didn’t know we were expecting…however I think you’re a fabulous mom and you’re going to be an even greater mom this round. I am so PROUD of you, you are a gem in the eyes of God, I just know it. The woman of God you’ve become since we met is so amazing! I speak God’s favor over you and your fam bam. As you await the new arrival continue to soar like the Eagle you are. I’ll miss all the pre-pregnacy rituals this time. (LOL) Many blessings to you. Love you, take Care

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