Pose for the camera!

All of my friends know that I have a love affair with my digital camera. I’m always ready to pose and snap for a good photo opportunity! No, seriously. Since I was a little girl I was always ready to ham it up for the camera, complete with my signature hand-on-the-hip pose.

With that said, when it’s a special occasion that requires that I have to PAY someone to take pictures of me…my standards are super high. My husband is the same way – not so much with loving pictures, but being willing to search high and low for a high caliber photographer. We did that with our wedding pictures and I still can’t get over how beautiful those photos are. Every time I look at them, it feels like I’m there, reliving the experience all over again.

Enter Shoots & Giggles Photography. To document this next monumental occasion, we were blessed to find S&G. They do expectional work with all things baby (instead of weddings): pregnancy, new born, infant, kids, family…you name it! We recently took our pictures and wow, wow, wow! They met every expectation I had, based upon the work they have posted on their website.

I chose my alma mater, Cal State Long Beach as the location for our session because I wanted it to be creative and different. No studio, no beach (in the traditional white shirt and blue jeans…so overdone!). CSULB is the whole reason I even ended up in Long Beach (way back in the day), which had I not done, I never would have met my husband. He’s a student there now…so it just seemed right!

As an exclusive, just for my readers (’cause I love ya’ll!)…please enjoy some of the proofs from our session!

And a special thank you to Briana at S&G! You’re such a superstar!

Love & Hugs,



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  1. Madaline Comans

    Aaawww Amber and Mo, your maternity photos are so cute. Being a parent is an awesome experience. You both are going to be wonderful parents 🙂

  2. Beauuuuuu-T-ful pics!

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