Another Vent…

You’ll recall a post very similar to this one from my first trimester. It’s about my annoyance with people treating my womb as if it were NOT part of my body as a whole. Since I said a mouthful about it all before, I won’t rehash all of those same complaints. I just wanted to take a moment and get off my chest, yet again, that people should be more sensitive to your personal space as a pregnant woman. Talking to, making faces at, and smiling and making googly eyes at my belly is just…well…plain awkward. Yes, the baby can hear. Yes, it’s exciting. But, still. It’s my body. No one wants to be pointed and gawked at under any circumstances, even much less when they’re expecting. So, as a word of advice, here’s my list of a few things to never say to a pregnant woman (especially one in her last trimester):

1. “Boy, you’re about ready to pop!”

2. “You sho’ gettin’ big girl!”

3. “Oooh-weee look at that belly!”

4. “Good thing you look cute pregnant!”

5. “You must be so tired from carrying all that weight!”


And lastly, never, ever, ever, do this:


I know that everybody means well, but please keep in mind that the mommy-to-be is already going through enough, dealing with the changes pregnancy brings.

Please & Thank You.



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