Black Girls Rock!

Today has been a relaxing Sunday. I spent the afternoon with my best friend, enjoyed some great food conversation, as always. She mentioned to me that a program called “Black Girls Rock” was coming on BET tonight, so I decided to tune in. I had heard a little about it and saw some pics online, but didn’t realize that it came on tonight.

I must say that I’m very seldom impressed (if ever) with BET’s programming, but tonight was a new day! The program was an award show honoring Black women of all ages that have done exceptional things in their communities, in the arts, the military, etc. It was very well put together, well written, and included stellar performances. It was wonderful to see so many beautiful women come together to celebrate the achievements of their sisters.

It was, in one word: inspiring.

I wrote on my Facebook status:

I’m a Black Girl that Rocks because I’m a loving wife and mother to be. I know who I am and am proud that there is only one me.

Take a moment and share why you rock!

Make sure to watch when it re-airs in your area!

The BGR Website

Love & Hugs,



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