Mark My Words

Recently I was online (of course!) and read something that made me stop and think. It was on and it said to really savor and feel each kick or move the baby makes because one day you’ll miss them. Initially, I was like: child, please! All of this wiggling and shifting my organs around was cute at first but now I’m ready to have my body back!

But then, I stopped to think about it, and there will be some things I will miss about being pregnant. It may be a short list, but there are some experiences that I look fondly upon and may miss once the baby’s here.

1) Positive energy and attention from others (note, I said POSITIVE!) – There seems to be an innate concern and respect people have for the creation of life. It’s been nice to see how perfect strangers will ask if I’m okay if I look uncomfortable. People are so willing to do whatever they can to make you feel more comfortable; like get you water, food, snacks, whatever. It just feels that people are generally more polite and supportive when they are around pregnant women and I think that’s a nice thing!

2) Being taken care of by my husband – Now this is nothing new. My husband has always been very attentive to my needs and just helpful in whatever way he can be. Now with me being pregnant, he’s taken it to an entirely new level. He makes sure that WHATEVER I need, gets done. He goes out of his way to care for me and our little one, and it just warms my heart. He’s so loving and nurturing and I have enjoyed watching his growth and evolution into becoming a father.

3) The indulgence – Pregnancy is full of contradictions (so much so that I plan to write a separate post about them) and one major contradiction has to do with food. Most literature and sites about pregnancy recommend that you should not over indulge in unhealthy eating habits. The average pregnant woman only needs an extra 300 calories a day (umm, excuse me but I can eat that in one snack!). You should stretch those calories out with healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. HOWEVER, it is also duly noted that your appetite increases dramatically and cravings are a real thing! So if I’m craving pizza, you want me to resist that urge and eat some grapes? Uhhhh. No.

With all things, pregnant or not, I feel that moderation is the key. I have absolutely given into to every craving I’ve experienced but I’ve been careful not to over do it. What I have enjoyed is the freedom to give in to those cravings without worrying about it and how it will affect my weight. I’ve actually gained about a solid 20lbs, which, considering the fact that I’m due in 3 weeks, ain’t so bad!

4) Lastly, I think I’ll miss the anticipation of becoming a mother (albeit scary at times) and the process of developing these big ol’ buckets of love feelings I have for my unborn baby.

Now…the reason why I titled this post mark my words is this: any of you are free to remind me what I WON’T miss about being pregnant, that doesn’t include what I listed above. The list below are all the things I can’t wait to kiss good-bye!

1) The nausea

2) Heartburn  & Indigestion

3) Gas & Constipation

4) Swelling in my feet

5) Back pain

6) Discomfort when trying to sleep, drive, bend down, tie my shoes…need I go on?

7) Riding the constant wave of emotions

8) All of the pills and supplements I have to take (prenatal vitamins, iron pills, calcium, etc)

9) The feelings of uncertainty about EVERYTHING!

10) Feeling like my body has been taken hostage my an alien (LOL)


But, I guess it’s all par for the course. Being a mom is tough job and the sacrifices start from the DAY you learn you’re pregnant! I’m pretty sure I’ll forget all of my pregnancy woes as soon as I see my little one!

Love & Hugs,



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