Recent Randoms

Here’s a list of recent randoms occurring in my life:

1) I bought a pack of gum. This usually is nothing to get excited about, but after having braces for 16 months, it’s a task I happily partook in!

2) Oh yeah…I got my braces off! Yay!

Here are some before and after shots:

Before: Crooked and crowded!

After: Smooth and straight!

Would you like some crackers with that CHEESE?!

3) My husband surprised me with two DVDs I’ve been wanting: “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Princess and the Frog.” I’m a sucker for Disney classics and I want to build small collection of my favorites, which can be hard to do because they only release certain films at certain times. I mentioned that to him a while back and he remembered to purchase them for me! Ain’t he sweet? *yeahithinksotoo*

4) I’ve recently fallen in love with this soul food restaurant called Mama Joan’s in San Pedro. I can’t even describe how good their food is! I mean, seriously – if you like soul food you HAVE to go there! And bring me back a plate. Please & Thank You.

5) My hospital bag is finally packed.

6) I noticed last night that I haven’t had to put gas in my car for almost three weeks now (obviously, since I’ve been home). I think that’s a record! I wish it was like that all the time.

7) As I type this I’m sitting in the living room without the the t.v. on. I love the sound of peace and quiet. *itwon’tlastmuchlonger*

My mind just drew a blank, so I guess that concludes today’s edition of Recent Randoms.

Until Next Time!



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