Confessions of a Facebook Junkie

After spending what I felt was entirely too much wasted time on Facebook, I had the brilliant idea to deactivate my page yesterday. You can deactivate temporarily or permanently, just with a click of a button. I went the temporary route because of course, I have no intentions of leaving FB forever *whodoesthat?*.

So here I am, a day later, and I’m going through withdrawals! I feel like I’ve missed so much over the last 24 hours! What’s everyone been up to? How was everyone’s day? Any new pics or goings-on? Ironically, it was these same redundant posts that caused me to feel a little bored with FB lately. Some days I love it, other days, it’s annoying and like I said – boring.

But alas, here I sit, tempted to log back on for a quick fix. No me gusta! I don’t like feeling so super attached or dare I say, addicted to ANYTHING! Addiction runs in my family (on my father’s side…sorry, Dad, but it’s true) and so I’ve always been very cautious about the things I indulge in. I pride myself on being a responsible person with a clear and level head. So that means things like coffee, alcohol, drugs, or even the lottery have never really been my ‘thing.’  But then here comes some techie-geek-boy from Harvard who created a sight that would change the way the world stays connected, and ultimately, screw up my non-habit forming habitual way of life.

Maybe this is all a reaction to the small case of cabin fever I’ve been fighting for the last couple of days…who knows. My hiatus is definitely only intended for a few days, so let’s see if I make it. My ultimate goal is to detach myself so when the baby comes, it won’t be such a big deal whether or not I have that cherished red asterisk letting me know I have new message or notification. She will be my complete focus…not anything or anyone else!

On the positive side, I have spent my new found free time researching how to expand my blog! Yay! See? I’m being productive already! I’ve discovered a lot of great sites and communities that I feel TYD will happily fit right into. I want to branch out and exchange with other mommy bloggers and discover new things.

Visit the blog roll (on the right column) and check out some of the new sites I’ve bookmarked.

Stay tuned my friends, stay tuned!




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  1. Does that mean you won’t be posting weekly or at least monthly pics?????

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