Gratefulness is flowing from my heart

Today is Thanksgiving and boy do I have lots to give thanks for! So let me get right to it:

I’m thankful this day (and the other 364 days of the year) for…

A Savior named Jesus that shows me daily, the true meaning of unconditional love.

The ability to think in my right mind, use all of my limbs with ease, and employ all five senses.

A warm bed to sleep in at night in a home that’s full of love.

Food in the refrigerator.

My wonderful, wonderful, wonderful husband that is slowly starting to convince me that he may just be the Black Superman. He’s loving, attentive, intelligent, gentle, God-fearing, a domestic king, hard-working, and has a heart full of gold that’s the size of Texas. I’m so, so, thankful for a strong and healthy marriage that is still intact after what’s been a bit of a trying year. We are growing in every way and I’m so excited about our future. I thank the Lord in advance for all that’s to come!

My precious baby girl that’s taking her sweet time making her entrance into the world. I’m thankful for her life and her safe passage out of my body and into my arms that I speak into existence every day.

A great set of friends that are supportive, loving, and there when I need them.

My family members…those near and far, immediate or extended. Family is everything.

For gainful employment that involves working with a group of people I actually like.

That all my needs are met. I may have a few wants, but right now, at this moment, I need nothing.

This quiet day of rest and reflection.

With Love,




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