A Yeyo Spotlight: Ajah

If you recall back in September I did a special feature called Yeyo of the Week. Each week for that month I had a friend of mine share their stories and perspectives on motherhood. It was a beautiful experience! Thanks again to Megan, Tiffany, and Amanda for participating!

Now we’re back with another special feature that I’m super excited about! Being a first time mom is such a unique and compelling experience and I’ve longed to connect with other women who were in the same boat as me, paddling along, trying to figure this thing out. I learned recently that another college buddy of mine (Go Beach!) is expecting her first child…a sweet little girl! I reached out to her and am now happy to present her interview.

Ajah is a very kind and sweet natured woman. She resides in Northern California and his happily married to the love of her life. Please take a moment to read her story and be warned: have some Kleenex ready! Hers is a powerful testimony and prayerfully you are as encouraged by it as I am.

As a first time mom, what are your greatest hopes for motherhood?

My greatest hope for motherhood is that God will equip me with the wisdom and strength to be a loving mother.  I have many great examples of wonderful mothers such as; my grandmother, great-aunt, my mommy, and auntie.  They have shown me how to love unconditionally, which I can’t wait to pass on to my daughter.

Do you have any fears concerning labor?

My greatest fear concerning labor is having a premature labor and C-section due to my severe case of fibroids within my uterus.

How has your pregnancy been so far?

So far, my pregnancy has been very rough due to the growth of fibroids.  My uterine fibroids have caused me to suffer severe pain and bleeding.  During my first trimester I was in and out of the hospital, prescribed very high dosage of pain medicine and suffered from extreme nausea.  My doctors thought I would suffer a miscarriage within the first two months and even recommended that I terminate my pregnancy.  The thought of miscarrying scared my husband and me, but we remained optimistic and prayed for God’s will.

By the end of October my symptoms began to turn around for the better.  The pain I was suffering started to subside and I was taking less of the pain medicine.  My nausea slowed down and my appetite returned.  And most importantly, the bleeding stopped!

Now that I am entering my fifth month, I am back to my old self, which is a huge relief to my husband and mommy.  I am now beginning to enjoy my pregnancy and appreciate all of my baby girl’s movements.  While the fibroids are still in my uterus, God has shown me yet once again the power of prayer.  So far, one fibroid has degenerated and I am so thankful.

Has pregnancy been what you’d thought it would be?

My pregnancy has not at all been what I imagined.  I never envisioned being sick and high risk.  I have experienced so many scary moments and cried a lot thus far.  Not to mention fears that the baby will suffer in some way from all of the medication I was on during my first trimester.

What do you enjoy the most and the least about being pregnant?

I am beginning to enjoy all of the little movements that I feel and the attention that being pregnant brings.  It is amazing how quick people are willing to pick up something that I drop in the store or give up their seat…I love it!

I enjoy the least the interrupted sleep to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

What lessons have you learned from your relationship with your own mother that you hope to change and/or repeat with your child?

My mother and I are extremely close and I definitely hope to have the same relationship with my baby girl.  I can’t wait to pray with her the way my mother prayed with me and show her what it means to be a lady that is God fearing.  I am also looking forward to passing on all of the fun my mom and I have…shopping adventures, manicures/pedicures, etc.

What does being a good mom mean to you?

Being a good mom means the world to me.  I am so grateful to be allowed the opportunity to experience motherhood.  I am anticipating the many joys that come with being a mother, as well as the fears.  No matter how many books I read or what people have shared about their experience, I know that my experience will be unique.  I am preparing myself to take it one day at a time and try to show my daughter as much love as possible.

In just a few short lines (or more, if you’d like), what words do you have for your baby?

Our Little Princess… mommy and daddy are so excited and can’t wait for your arrival.  You are truly our gift from God and we thank Him everyday for you.  It is our prayer that you grow to be a God fearing woman who knows that with Christ you can achieve all things.  It is our hope that you will make intelligent choices about your future, to lead and not follow, to love and not take advantage, to become educated and educate others.  Always stay committed to your family and community and know that if no one else does, your Mommy and Daddy loves you.

Beautiful, simply beautiful!


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