And Then There Were Three: My Birth Story

Right now it’s quiet. Very, very quiet. My sweet baby girl is resting in her crib after a hearty breakfast (provided by yours truly) and I’m here on the bed thinking…so of course, decided to write.

I’m thinking about what an experience the last 5 days have been. I’m thinking about how amazing God is, and how He truly has showered His best blessings upon me – and how grateful I am for that. I’m thinking about my life – forever changed as of Monday, 12/6/10. I’m thinking about the fact that I am a mother.

There’s so much I could say and write about my birth experience – so much so that I know I’ll never be able to do it justice no matter how long the post. But the relatively condensed version is as follows:

I woke up to mild contractions early Sunday morning (6am). We decided to start timing them an hour later. We knew that we wouldn’t rush to the hospital at the first sign of labor, because it truly can take a while to progress – so there was no panic. As the day went on, the contractions got stronger and I knew that this was it!

Our doula joined us at home around 3pm and labor continued to advance. The setting was pretty calm – relaxing music playing in the background (no television). We walked around, I tried a couple of different labor exercises/positions, and just tried to manage the contractions with breathing and patience, through the support of my “team.”

By 6:30pm we decided it was time to go to the hospital. I was admitted within an hour and it was all becoming so much more surreal. I was having a baby! My water broke during that first hour and with that, we were on our way. I labored for several hours into the night without any medication – just an intense desire to get my baby here naturally – the way I had planned.

However, as we know, sometimes things change and you have to be willing to adapt. There were circumstances beyond my control that were beginning to add up to our birth plan totally changing. First, my body became very tired and fatigued, to the point where my contractions were becoming less productive. I was dilating at a very slow pace – which wasn’t good since my water bag was broken so soon after I got to the hospital. I ended up receiving an epidural so that I could gain strength and pitocin could be administered to help advance the contractions. It didn’t work.

I became very sick, complete with vomiting, a high fever, and the chills. I felt so out of it and extremely tired, exasperated, even. I was drained beyond levels I can’t describe. As the morning (of Monday) began to commence, it became more imminent that a c-section would be likely. I cried. Hard. But after talking it over with my husband and through much prayer, we knew we had to give it to God. For the baby, after all, ultimately belongs to Him – we are just his chosen vessels to get her here. Our family was very supportive and so was our doula. Eventually it became clear that the goal was simply to get this little girl out into the world as safely as possible.

Needless to say I was disappointed, but in the end, I’m proud of myself for having taken the time to read, research, and get educated on ALL aspects of labor and delivery. Doctors can be intimidating and it’s easy to get lost in their “procedures.” I went into delivery with a clear head and idea on what I did and did not want, and I fought for it. I fought to give my baby a healthy entrance and a good start…so for that, I have no regrets. When I look into my baby’s eyes, I can finally say without a doubt – that it was all worth it.

Now, without further ado, please enjoy these exclusive first pics, documenting the debut of Miss Natalie Sanei!

This is what 30 hours of labor looks like. Sacrifice.

My trooper of a husband, trying to get some rest.

Me and Tammy our fantastic doula! Definitely worth the investment to have her at our side.

Hello all, I'm Natalie. It's nice to meet you!

Meeting Daddy for the first time.

Our little baby burrito!

And then there were three...


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  1. Omgoodness. I am sooo happy for you guys! She is beautiful! And she’s already smiling, wow! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing experience!

  2. Wow…what an amazing story. Thank you for sharing. You and your husband did it and Miss Natalie Senai is beautiful!!!

  3. Awwww 🙂 I couldve keep reading! So happy to finally see her, can’t wait to come over! She’s gorgeous! Love you guys!

  4. Aaaaawwwww! I am so happy for you and Mo 🙂 Natalie is sooooo adorable! I can’t wait to see her. Your labor was a tough one but you did it! Enjoy every moment of it! Madaline

  5. Congradulations… She is beautiful… Let the fun begin….

  6. That was a wonderful story of Natalie entering into the world. What beautiful family

  7. Soooo ok…WOW! I know I saw you and the new addition before reading this, but I WOW, that was intense. I’m so happy for you and Mohaaaammmmetttt, and I know you two will make (judging from your experience, are off to a pretty good start) great parents! WE love you both!!!

  8. Congrats!! Your little one is ADORABLE!! Great job!! 🙂

  9. By the way, your birth story sounds JUST like mine – the pitocin, the fatigue (Lord, I’ve never been so drained!), the vomiting. Ain’t childbirth fun? LOL

  10. Congrats to you all. She is quite a beauty.

  11. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter. I remember seeing your anticipation question through The Young Mommy.

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