Postpartum Peculiarities

Ok folks! In true Yeyo Diaries fashion, ya’ll know I’ve GOT to give you the real on what I’ve been experiencing over the last week. There are so many things that people “conveniently” forget to tell you about the dark-side of pregnancy…hmmph! But they can tell you all of their horror stories about labor and such whatever. But anyway, I digress.

So after leaving the hospital on Thursday and being free from the bondage of the IV machine, catheter, and other tubes and wires that made my stay there so enjoyable yeah right, here are some of the things I’ve encountered over the last nine days.

C-section recovery. Yeah, this one has been a doozy! The pain and limited mobility has been a bit much to deal with. Did you know that when you have a c-section that ALL of your insides stop functioning (things like your bowels, not your heart and vital organs)? So if you don’t pass gas or a BM within the first week, that means there may be trouble with your insides – literally! Wow.

I remember one of the nurses telling me how important it was that I went to the bathroom as soon as I felt the urge once the catheter was removed, because it was possible to loose the ‘sensation’ of needing to urinate if you’ve had one in for too long. Excuuuuuseee me? What chapter was that in, in “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”?

Anywho, I got the staples (yep…real staples) removed from my incision on Monday and things are healing pretty well. I still experience some discomfort but I’m getting stronger each day.

Edema. This is a condition that occurs when excess fluid collects in your tissues, resulting in swollen extremities. I had this really bad – it’s just now starting to subside. My feet looked like a foot shaped water balloon (with a cute pedicure! lol). It doesn’t hurt, but it was a little strange to look at. I have really thin ankles, so when they reappear is when I’ll know that the edema has fully resolved itself.

Night sweats. I’ve been sweating harder than a stick of butter in Paula Deen’s kitchen! Like, profusely sweating (mainly at night, though). This is another way of my body expelling the excess fluid. Eww!

Breakouts. All of the sweating has led to my face breaking out. Niiiicccce.

The Baby Blues. This is the precursor to postpartum depression. Now, before you get alarmed – I do NOT have PPD. The baby blues commonly present themselves in the first weeks after pregnancy. After shooting through the roof, your hormone levels have to come down, which can cause a tidal wave of emotions to overtake you. I found myself in tears three separate times yesterday, for no apparent reason. Essentially though, the reasons are a combination of stress, fatigue, and/or exhaustion. Being a first time mom is a unique and intimidating experience because you have no frame of reference. Everything is SUPER new and it can be hard adjusting to life with a newborn and embracing your ‘new normal.’ I’m trying to take things one day, one step, one moment at a time. Trust that there’ll be more on this topic to come.

Lochia. This is the release of excess blood that was present during pregnancy. Basically it’s like a 4-5 week long period. Maybe longer. Oh joy. What sucks is after not having a cycle for 9 whole months (yay!) lochia starts the very next day after you deliver (boo!).

So there you have it. These are just a few of a long list of post pregnancy symptoms that pop up and haunt you right after you thought you were out of the woods. Sorry of any of this was TMI, but hey, like I said…I gotsta keep it real!

Love & Hugs,



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  1. Wow…thank you so much for sharing. It definitely does help to know what happens next after childbirth!

  2. Thanks for telling peple the bad side of pregnancy and showing it. Good thing I read (or maybe not lol) but I know to look forward to lochia…the hot flashes and baby blues too… Hormones are the devil for women, especially during pregnancy.

    • No, thank you for reading. I truly appreciate it. And girl, you ain’t never lied about hormones being the devil! I’m a crier on a good day, let alone when hormones are involved! The things we do for love and motherhood.

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