Wife. Not Wifey.

This is completely random…even moreso considering that it’s just after midnight and I should be sleep. But I seem to live each night in anticipation of the “night shift” starting, and tend to stay awake for baby’s first feeding at 1:00am. Somehow I rationalize that it gives me a head start on the agony that is to follow during the next 7-8 hours.

Anyway, I had a thought that prompted me to write. So a couple of years ago I realized that I didn’t like the word “wifey.”  Wifey defined, according to the Urban Dictionary is: Derived from the noun “wife”, it is used to indentify one’s girlfriend (either signifying her potential as a wife, implying the presence of spousal attributes, or to indicate her ownage in order to fend off perverted guys who try and catch a look at one’s girl.) “She’s more than my girl, she’s my wifey.”

It’s also more simply defined as a man’s wife or serious girlfriend on the website.

I personally never wanted to be called “wifey” and I’m so glad that my Prince never called me that – either as his girlfriend or after we got married. I feel like the term cheapens and diminishes the strength and importance of the role of being a wife (whether you’re single or married). A woman should want to be WIFED by her man, not his wifey. But then it dawned on me (my duh! moment for the day)…that any married women, including myself, refer to their husbands as “hubby.” Isn’t that the same thing? Indeed it is.

My husband is a strong, loving, intelligent man and father that daily demonstrates what a good husband is and should be – so shouldn’t I describe him as such? Husband sounds so much more manly than hubby anyway. And with that, I’ve decided to retire the word hubby from my vocab. I can’t loathe the term wifey and then turn around and call him the equivalent.

Until next time,


My Prince, My Love, My Husband.



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  1. I never really thought of hubby having the same meaning as wife because most women do not use that term to describe their boyfriends. In my experience I found that women use that term only when they actually marry the guy. I don’t even see hubby as an urban word. I guess when referring to our spouses we should give them the same consideration and title that we want. I totally see your point.

    • Hi Yummama! You’re right, often times hubby is reserved for actually married men, while wifey is used for both a girlfriend and a wife. In the end, your second to last sentence sums it up perfectly…that good old Golden Rule! 🙂

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