I Dedicate: Speechless

The talented musician and fellow new mommy Alicia Keys just released this song via her Twitter page on Monday. It’s a song she made about her son, Egypt. I felt that it matched my previous post to my Natty-Bear beautifully! See, this is why I love music. There’s a lyric that works in tandem to every emotion out there. Music flows through my veins and is a huge part of the fabric that makes me, me…and I love it! Enjoy.


You know I’m at a brand new time in my life

A brand new feeling

When I see this little guy man…he takes my breath away

When I wake up in the morning babe
Can’t believe my eyes
Sweetest little part of destiny
Oh yeah
Cause you’re now in my life (you’re now in my life)
There ain’t no better prize
Oh noo
That can compare to you
Ain’t no words to describe the way that I’m feeling (yeah)
When I look at you

I’m just speechless baby
Don’t know what to say
I’m just speechless baby
The poet in me has gone away
I’m speechless baby
Don’t know what to say
I’m just speechless baby
The poet in me has gone away

When true love finally finds you babe
Life becomes a way
Previously unimaginable
Oh yeah
Listen now to what I say
It only happens once if even at all
Feel it deep in your soul
And like a fairytale your story begins yeah
What a sight to behold
Makes you…

In the mornings when I rise up
Go to the window and I smile with my eyes up
Stare in the clouds like wow look at my luck
Everyday I’m feeling better cause I know I got the best I can be proud of
We can’t fall quick
Remember when I used to tell my girls like yo this dude think he so it
Think he so fly
And every time you try to talk to me I’m like yo don’t even dare try
I was on my solo groove I don’t want nothing I don’t need nothing
Man I’m good
Now I’m speechless
Cause I fell for him
The poet in me died
Cause I fell for him


I used to know all the words to say
I used to write all the poetry
But now you take my breath away


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