Start of the Year Reflections

With today being the first day of 2011, I decided to see what I was thinking exactly one year ago, today. So I blew the dust bunnies off of my previous blog and found my post from 1/1/2010. And it goes…

Last night the hubby and I spent our first NYE together…alone. No parties, no get-togethers, just us. It was nice to sit and talk to him and reflect together upon what 2009 brought us and what 2010 will bring. New beginnings are on the horizon, indeed.

Today was such a nice day! A great first day of a new year. The sky was so clear that you could see the mountains surrounding us. Definitely an indication of brighter days ahead.

We went out and had lunch and have just been relaxing at home doing whatever. These moments are few, so I cherish them. This down time has also reaffirmed my love for blogging!!!! I can’t wait to tweak and update my little blog, to expand it, gain followers, etc. Now, if only I could type and post as quickly and as often as things to write and post about pop into my brain!

Prayerfully this first day of the year has been as good to you as its been to me.


To reflect on that post, I can say that the 364 days that followed were in fact good days. New beginnings were indeed on the horizon, seeing that by the end of the year I had received my MA degree, took a mini-vacay, finally saw the Lion King musical (finally!), started The Yeyo Diaries, got my braces off, and had a baby! Whew! Good stuff!

I’m proud that at the start of last year I had hoped to further explore the world of blogging…and I truly ended up doing that. It’s something I definitely hope to continue into this year.

Obviously, the biggest difference between now and then is that although we had another quiet night at home to ring in the new year…we weren’t alone. Our beautiful gift from God was here with us, making the end of the year the most memorable yet.

As I closed with last year, again I say that prayerfully this first day of the year has been as good to you as its been to me.



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