All Hail the Candy Queen!

I have to stop and take a moment to gush a bit over a woman I met last summer. I was having a candy themed baby shower and wanted to have a candy buffet. I found this vendor online that does candy buffets and after looking at her site, I fell in love with her work. She’d done a lot of events in Hollywood (like major stuff…American Idol type stuff) s0 I  felt that there was NO WAY she’d do my little old event. I gave her a call anyway and immediately loved her personality. We chopped it up for a while and I knew I wanted to have her do my event even more, but I held my breath because again, I just KNEW her prices would be beyond my budget. Well, to my surprise she agreed to work within the confines of my budget and we were on!!!!!!!

With the help of my wonderful friends, everything turned out beautifully at the shower. It was fun, festive, full of color and sweetness!

Me and Jackie, The Candy Queen!

The Candy Girls!*

Me posin' it up with a lil bit of suga!*

The centerpieces designed by my girls!*

Full shot of the candy buffet

I’ve since followed the vendor and have come to really respect her hustle. She’s doing BIG things in the candy world and I applaud her! It’s a good thing to support other people who are on their way to greatness (well, technically she’s already there). I hope someone will do the same for me when I get there. Anywho, she recently provided her services for an event another woman I really respect and admire. You’ll never guess who!!!!

Okay, okay, it’s OPRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG she attended the launch of Oprah’s new network and I’m like, superdeeduper proud of her and happy that I got to work with her for my shower. I feel like I’ll be able to say, “hey! I knew the Candy Queen before she became rich and famous!”

Click here to check out the pictures from the event!

Keep up the good work, girlfriend!

Take a moment to visit her site and show her some love!

The Hollywood Candy Girls

*Photo credit: Jackie Sorkin


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