Our First Date

Yesterday my husband and I got the opportunity to have our first date post-baby! We went to dinner and saw a movie – nothing too extravagant, but nonetheless we bolted out the door like two teenagers going to their first homecoming dance! It was so nice to just be out the house together, with no diaper bag, stroller, and the like. I had never, ever, ever, in my life been so happy to be outside in the rain.

We talked and laughed over pizza at the California Pizza Kitchen and then headed out to our favorite theater for the movie. We saw “The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader.” Before you laugh and smirk to yourself…those movies are really good! My husband read all the books as a kid and introduced me to the movie series…and I find them to be fun and entertaining. So there!

Side note: at the end of the movie the woman sitting next me started sniffling. I casually looked over and saw that she was crying. Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m no one to judge because I’m about as sappy as they come. But even I didn’t cry!!! I couldn’t help but say to myself and silently to the woman: really, lady? really? It ain’t that deep! LOL

I do have to admit that I thought a lot about our baby girl. I wondered how she was doing, was she fussy, etc. I could even smell her scent on my clothes. Looking at the previews I thought about how one day she’ll beg us to take her to see the newest kiddie movie and we’ll happily oblige. I felt so much like a mom and it felt good.

When we got home we both felt so rejuvenated! Tired, yes (especially since we’d missed our daily naps! lol), but a good tired. I compared how we both felt to how you feel when you first get into a romantic relationship. You start off spending so much time together, then you finally spend some time apart. It feels great to have had the opportunity to ‘miss’ each other and you appreciate the other person so much more once you see their face again. We doted over her for hours!

Again, it felt good to be outside the house…just to the two of us and I look forward to incorporating dating back into our life. It’s SUPER important to cultivate that part of marriage so that you don’t get lost in your new roles as parents.So here’s to many more date nights!


The Prince & Princess of Geekadonia


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  1. So who was the lucky first babysitter?

  2. Congradulations, girlie… Yes, you can have it all. A date night with an almost one month old, who knew. I love the blog… I enjoy reading it. It keeps me connected to you guys… Keep smiling tisha…..

  3. Awww 🙂 that’s cool!

  4. Kudos to you guys for getting out on your first date post baby. It took two years for me and the hubby to have some semi-alone time without our little one.

  5. I call dibs on babysitting next! I am baby extraordinaire!
    I see you got a pic up! You fancy huh? Yeaaaah boyyy!

  6. * awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww* I LOVE LOVE YOU GUYS!! SO inspiring the love of the LOVE!!!!

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