Tweet Me Not

I’ve been avoiding it for as long as I can, but I have a confession to make. I have a Twitter account. There, I said it. It’s been my dark secret for months now.  Why a secret, you ask? Sit back and relax for the long back story.

I’ve been resistant to using Twitter because quite honestly, I’ve never understood the point of it. I feel like Facebook is enough for me when it comes to social media.

I am, however, a sucker for pop culture. I have always been fascinated with it. But I wouldn’t consider myself to be star-stuck by any means. No, seriously. One time, at the peak of her career (circa 2002) I rode in a limo with R&B artist Ashanti and some of her ‘staff’ and had dinner at Denny’s (it was late, like 11pm)…and didn’t bat an eye. Granted, she’s not the biggest of stars, but she was hugely popular at the time, and I didn’t even ask to take a picture. (I know you’re wondering how that came to be, but that’s a long story. And yes, a man was involved.)

Anyway, because I’m a sucker for pop culture, I wrote a paper in grad school about Karrine Steffans – the infamous video vixen that wrote a tell-all book about her sexual escapades with many well known celebrities in the hip-hop industry. As part of my research for the paper, I opened a Twitter account to try and get access to her page so that I could get more info that would help me with my paper. Turns out her Tweets were protected and I didn’t feel like getting permission for access. After I was done with the paper, I never closed the account.

I never Tweeted but did end up following a few celebrities that I have a fancy for, out of pure curiosity. I don’t know my way around the site, I just occasionally log in to see what the celebs are tweeting about and then log off. I just haven’t been that interested to go all out and become an actual user.

But that was until I started this blog. I want to reach out, connect, and network with more mommy bloggers and I understand that in order to do that, I’ll more than likely have to give in to societal pressure and join the Twitter-world. I need to expand beyond the confines of personal FB page.

I’m sure my friend at Buzzersation (a social media/PR agency…they’re experts on this stuff) will tell me that I need to suck it up and get with the program. But I don’t wanna! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogher…talk about over exposure! I’ve already admitted that I’m addicted to Facebook. But now Twitter, too? **sigh** I understand that it’s necessary, though if I want to broaden my horizons and build more relationships. And I guess if Oprah did it, I can do it too (lol).

So here I go, pinching my nose and jumping in!

Follow me @theyeyodiaries


Posted on January 24, 2011, in Entertainment, Life. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. following :o) @makeupkimporter

  2. Following you back! This might be fun after all! LOL

  3. I avoided it for a long time as well, but it’s funny that once I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, I’ve made a lot of connections. If used correctly, it’s great for your blog.

  4. @ Alicia…I’m still learning my way around and hope to use it to its best potential. Thank you for responding to my @ message today! My first one ever…yay! And thank you, also, for stopping by my blog. I’ll be visiting yours more often. 🙂

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