Fab Dad of the Week: Keith

With Valentine’s Day approaching I had an idea. We often think of this ‘sweet’ holiday as a set time to appreciate the one we love and it got me thinking about my husband and how I’ve developed a deeper love for him since he became a father. So I thought, “Why not give the guys some ‘love’ on TYD?!”

I’m happy to announce a new feature for the month of February entitled: Fab Dad Friday!!!!!!

For every Friday of this month I’ll spotlight a man that I feel represents what it means to be a good father (not just daddy – a FATHER). I personally was not raised with my dad in the home as a child, but having him present in my adult life has been a blessing. I wanted to take a moment to hear from the fellas on what being a dad means to them.

First up is Keith!

Keith is a kind man that works hard to provide for his ‘brood of love’ (lol). He’s a die-hard Cowboy fan, but is greatest love is in God, his wife, and his family. Let’s pick his brain for a few!

1) How many children do you have and what are their ages?

I have 3 of my own, 1 adopted daughter, and 3 step children with my Wife: Andre 21, La’Tayshia 19, Briauna 16, and Edriece 15,  Jazmine 20, Christian 18, and Sammy 12
2) What has been your greatest reward or joy from being a father?
My greatest reward has been watching my children come into their own, while still knowning Dad is by their side.
3) Describe what you like the least about fatherhood?
The only thing bad about fatherhood is when the marriage breaks up. Trying to juggle two house holds is very hard for both parents.
4) What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned about life since you became a dad?
When you have children you will truly know what love is all about ( I truly love the sound of Thanks Dad and Daddy I love you ). For Christmas my son made me a card this is some of what he said.
“I know we don’t talk often, but I’m just trying to find my way though this world and become my own man, make wise calculated decisions in life to reach the bar you have set to be a man, like working hard, being a man of character, honesty, respect, taking care of the family. And no matter the day, hour or minute your still my Dad, best friend and you mean the world to me.”
5) What advice from your own experiences would you give to a new father or father-to-be?

No matter the situation never leave their side and always make time for your family. A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.

The Reggans Clan


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  1. That’s my brother!! So proud of him!

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