Baby Fat + A Stolen Slogan = A New Me

This is my 9th week post partum and things have finally started to feel normal again, concerning my body. Well, almost everything. I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it here, but I got hemorrhoids during my pregnancy (ugh! I know!) and they just won’t seem to leave me for good. I really need to increase my fiber intake, so it’ll help make things…err…smoother for me. **sigh**

I mentioned before that I dropped almost 20lbs during my first two weeks of having the baby. I’m VERY happy to report that the remnant of my pregnancy weight is only 4lbs! I weighed 134 before baby and as per my last doctor visit, I’m at 138. Yay! And yes, I did just put my business all the way out there!

I am happy to be back to my pre-baby weight so soon, however, 138 is thisclose to 140lbs and that, my friends, is no bueno. I want to loose at least another 10lbs. This year I’m all about setting goals. I take that back, I’ve always been about setting goals…but this year I want to soar to higher heights and as Oprah would say: Live My Best Life. I want to feel and look my best, which includes getting in shape. Pregnancy can run your body through the ringer and I know that if I want to have another baby in the distant (very distant) future, I need to get on the good foot now.

I’m not putting myself on diet, per se. I don’t believe in diets. Nor am I putting myself on a time limit. However long it takes to achieve the results I want…I’ll know I’m there when I get there. All too often we get caught up on losing weight by whatever date, so we go hard in the paint until we reach that date, and then all bets are (usually) off.

I will slowly and steadily start incorporating exercise into my life and change some of my eating habits (some, not all – because I wholeheartedly accept that I love sugar and desserts. No need in denying who I really am! lol). Ever so often I’ll post updates on my progress.

I’m going to take my time because I understand that making better food choices and exercising regularly is a LIFESTYLE. It takes a change in both perspective and behavior. By taking the focus off the weight and onto my overall health and quality of life…that alleviates some of the pressure. So, with this whole endeavor, my mantra (have of which I ‘borrowed’ from Nike) is: No pressure. Just Do It.



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  1. Congrats on losing the weight! You did it in a good amount of time too. I hope to go right back as well. What are you doing differently?

  2. WOW!!! You lost the weight SUPER fast. Crazy considering that it took your body months to gain that weight, yet only weeks to loose it. Amaze! I think it’s great that you have set a goal to loose 10 more pounds and I’m sure you’ll get there. Girl, those deserts get me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It’s like I can’t live without ’em.

  3. @ Kim…Thank you! I wish I could take credit for doing something miraculous, but I can’t! It just started sliding off and I didn’t do a single thing. That’s why I want to get it together and really get moving on the exercise tip – before what’s left makes a permanent home around my tummy! LOL

    @ Alicia…Thanks for the support! Like I just mentioned to Kim, these 26lbs came off on their own, so now the hard work begins! Daily I’m trying to get to a ‘better me’ and this is the first step….AFTER I have some brownies! LOL

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