Fab Dad of the Week: Ryan

This week’s Fab Dad is Ryan a.k.a. The Ultimate Celtics Fan. Besides catching a lot of grief for his love of the Celtics (I mean, this IS Los Angeles!), Ryan spends his time working super hard (often on the night shift) to provide for his family. He shows unwavering dedication to his roles as husband and father, something I took notice of right away. He’s a great guy that’s a lot of fun to be around! Let’s see what he has to say about being a dad.

1)  How many children do you have and what are their ages?

Proud Papa of 5. Three girls .18,13 and 4mo. Two boys 4yrs. And 16mo.
2) What has been your greatest reward or joy from being a father?

Being a father is the joy in and of its self. The fact that God would trust me with these precious lives, to mold and influence. To be that example of a MAN to my sons and daughters. Its exciting and fullfiling.

3) Describe what you like the least about fatherhood.

Disciplining my children. I don’t play, and my kids know this well, but its the worst part of being a father.

4) What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned about life since you became a dad?

That my life is not at all about me. As I listened to my Grand Mother speak at her 90th birthday party, I sat with about 60 family members . Her children, grand children, great and great great grands. I came to understand, what she taught her children, they taught us, and we passed it along to our children, who were in turn passing it along to theirs. I took notice of the life I live and the examples I set, will ripple for generations.

5) What advice from your own experiences would you give to a new father or father-to-be?

Be the man you want your sons to grow into and that man you want your daughters to marry. You are the first and strongest influence of manhood in their lives.

Ryan and his lovely wife


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  1. Awwww too cute! Fab picture too!

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