Fab Dad of the Week: The Prince of Geekadonia a.k.a. My Husband!

Today is the last edition of the Fab Dad of the Week series here on TYD! (tear) We’ve heard some great advice and really good insight from our participating dads; Keith, Ryan, and Chris. But of course, I HAD to save the best for last!!!!!!

This final interview is from the love of my life, known to some of you as The Prince of Geekadonia! LOL Things are going super well in our kingdom, now that our Little Lady has arrived. As I’ve noted before, my love for her has brought an even deeper love for him. I told him recently that he’s the father I always knew he’d be and that’s a wonderful thing to see! It has been my pleasure to watch him grow in this role and I look forward to seeing their relationship as father and daughter develop over the years.

Without further ado…enjoy!

1) How many children do you have and what are their ages?

I have one beautiful daughter named Natalie who is almost three months old.

2) What has been your greatest reward or joy from being a father?

The greatest joy in being father is simply BEING a father. The fact that I am able to have children, and God saw fit to bless me with the responsibility of fatherhood means more to me than I can truly describe. In the past, I never considered myself to be the “marrying” type, let alone a father to a child. But when I look at my daughter’s face every morning and see that killer smile of hers, I can’t imagine a life without her.

3) Describe what you like the least about fatherhood (if anything…and be honest!)?

As a stay-at-home-dad, my least favorite thing about fatherhood is my daughter’s “entertain me” attitude. I love her to pieces, but during the day she has this need to be entertained 24/7. It’s a non-stop barrage of feed me, hold me, rock me, play with me, laugh with me, tell me I’m pretty. LOL

Some days, I’m just so burnt out, because I literally get too tired to even hold her after having to do so for most of the day. Thankfully her smiles make it bearable, but I long for the day where she can entertain herself.

4) What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned about life since you became a dad?

The greatest lesson I have learned about life is that my life is not my own. When I became a husband this was evident, but when I became a father this became truth. As a father, I realized that my daughter is completely dependent on me. Whether it be for warmth and comfort as a baby or for inspiration and guidance as a young woman–Her life is solely dependent on who I am and what I do as a parent.

Because of this, I feel that I cannot afford to carelessly go through life making decisions for myself, but every choice, action, and message I preach, must be to benefit of my wife first, and my child second. And my wants and desires are always last. To me this is one of the truest expressions of self-sacrifice–Being able to give to others, what you would want yourself. And I do this gladly every day.

5) What advice from your own experiences would you give to a new father or father-to-be?

To all the new dads out there, if you truly feel blessed to be a father–trust your instincts. With all the parenting books, instructional videos, advice columns, and opinions from family members who always seem to know what is best for your child, the best resource you have is yourself. Within us lies the capacity for greatness, and fatherhood is one of those great things every man has a chance to become. But we have to allow ourselves to do so and trust in our ability to become it.

Before Natalie was born, I knew nothing about babies save what I have seen on tv and read on the Internet. I did not mindlessly read every book, watch countless tv programs, and ask advice from every supposed expert in parenting. I simply trusted myself to be the father I was designed to be. Now of course, there are many good resources that I have come to appreciate (Thank you Dr. Karp!), but I did not rely on them to determine whether or not I was a good father. Being a good father is more than knowing how to change a diaper, stay awake during the early morning feedings, and quiet a crying baby. It’s about loving that child more than life itself and letting her very presence motivate you to become the best man that you can be.

The Prince & Little Lady of Geekadonia


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