Get Out and Live!: The Importance of Setting Goals

One of my favorite quotes is: Goals are dreams with deadlines. So true!

So far this year I’ve had a lot of time to think about what my life goals are. I’ve not wanted to lose the momentum and excitement that comes along with a new year…so I’ve been pushing myself and my friends toward setting new and greater goals for ourselves.

The other night I was going through some old files on my computer and came across my five year plan from a few years ago. I was absolutely floored when I read over the list and realized all of the things that I had actually done! *proudofmyself*

I’ve decided to share this with you as proof that those who write their goals down are more apt to achieve them

Here was my five year plan from 1/26/2008, along with the dates of completion:


Apply to grad school and begin classes in the fall (completed September 2008)
Start on the first chapter of my book (Completed February 2011)
Start running as a way to loose weight, stay healthy and active (On/off since 2008 lol)
Take at least 3-4 weekend get-away trips with my husband (We took two)
Obtain a job that I can keep while I’m in school (Completed August 2008)


Continue on to my second year in grad school (Completed)
Write some more material/chapters for my book (Still working on this)
Take an actual vacation with my husband  (We took 2 weekend trips and I went to Miami with a friend)


Graduate from grad school (Completed June 2010)
Obtain a job as a community college lecturer (Still working on this)
Plan a big party or trip for my 30th birthday (Didn’t have a party, but had an overnight trip with my husband)
Take another major vacation with my husband (We had a one week vacation and 2 additional trips incl. my bday)
Buy a luxury car (Luxury is not as an important to me now, but we will still plan to buy a new car within the next year or so)
Prepare to start our family (Completed)


Welcome our first child (Ahead of the game on this one – she arrived 12/6/10!)
Buy a house (Still working on this)


I guess I couldn’t see past four years because this year was left blank! LOL

Note how specific I was about certain things. Also note that although I didn’t get some things done in the year I had planned, I’m still working them. Once you write a goal down, you’ll always keep it in mind until you either get it done or change it altogether. Another quote: Goals that are not written down are just wishes.

The moral to the story is that it’s very good to have a clear, written plan toward achieving the things you want in life because they are not going to happen on their own. This week I’ll be taking some time to think about and write down my new five year plan. I encourage you to do the same. Or at the very least, think about what your short term goals are (3-6 months) and start from there. Also remember to leave room for God to make corrections and revisions as He sees fit! For after all, we plan – He laughs!

If you don’t remember anything else, remember this:





I want to hear from you! What goals have you set for yourself for this year? Please share at least one in the comment section and let’s encourage each other!


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  1. Im getting ready to write my plans down right now.Thanks for the inspiration

  2. Oh yes, goals are very important for moving ahead in life. We end up getting complacent and our entire lives pass us by. Then we end up with mountains of regret for things we always wanted to achieve but never acted on.

  3. Excellent post!

  4. Hey Amber, I have my goals written down, I will revisit & revise. Thank you for sharing. I had some discouraging set backs in the past couple of months but I will still go forward.

    God Bless you!

  5. Am! I love this….I need to re-write my goals because I have had some major life changes. Thank you for the inspiration. I will take some time to do this…this weekend!

  6. That is so true! Goals are dreams with a deadline! Wow! I am so proud of you and all that you’ve accomplished over the years. Go you! One of my main goals is to finish grad school. I started 2 1/2 years ago, and I was focused on finishing in 2 1/2 years. I’ve taken about 5 classes each semester, got my MA last month and I will get my Ed.M. in May. So HAPPY and cannot wait. Now, it’s time for me to set new goals. I’m working on those.

    • That’s wonderful, Alicia!!!!! I’m so proud of YOU!!!! To do it all as a single mom I’m sure wasn’t easy. But now Little Aiden can celebrate his mommy’s awesome achievements along with you – and that’s a beautiful thing!

  7. This post gives me motivation to at least write down my short term goals. Thanks Ambezie!!!!

  8. Ok, I have written down my my short-term goals (3-6 months) and my long-term goals (1-10 years). So far I have completed 3 of the 20 short-term goals, so I’m really excited. This article has really blessed my life.

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