Lessons from Maternity Leave

Below is a list of random things I’ve learned since I’ve been home on maternity leave (for four months). Believe me when I say random!

1) I really love my husband. I already knew that (duh!), but when you share the same space with the same person day after day…getting on each other’s nerves is inevitable. But over these last few months I’ve learned (on deeper levels) what a great man I’m married to.

2) I really like Ellen Degeneres. I’ve always thought she was funny but never really cared to watch her show (sorry, Ellen!) until now. She’s very giving and I appreciate that.

3) Speaking of talk shows – I kinda feel proud to have been able to watch the final season of Oprah. She pulled together a lot of once-in-a-lifetime shows, like the reunion of the cast of “The Color Purple.” Say what you will about her, but she’s done a lot of great things with what was once-just a daytime talk show, and has become a piece of contemporary American history. I salute you, Ms. Winfrey!

4) Clothes can double as napkins.

5) The Kirkland brand white corn tortilla chips from Costco are the tastiest tortilla chips you’ll ever eat. I promise.

6) Cabin fever is real.

7) My laptop is my ‘other’ baby.

8 ) Babies can produce an immeasurable amount of drool in one day.

9) I have a greater appreciation for the job (and paycheck) I’ll be returning to.

10) I love, like super love, to write.

11) Your true friends will reveal themselves during times when you make unpopular decisions.

12) Having a baby can make you 10 times more ambidextrous than you ever thought you could be.

13) Taking a shower can truly alter the course of your day and literally change how you feel.

14) Facebook and boredom are a bad combination.

15) Motherhood can be lonely sometimes.

16) A baby’s “poo” can be a variety of colors and a frequent topic of conversation.

17) Having a child will cause you to experience a depth of love you never thought you could feel.

18) Becoming a mother gives you a heightened level of sensitivity toward the mom in the mall with a crying baby.

19) Pregnancy and childbirth really are miracles.

20) Blogging is a fun way to meet new people from all over the country while never leaving your living room.

21) Comments on my blog make my day. Every single one of them, every single time.

Like I said…these were random thoughts! I’ve learned so much more, but this was the condensed version.

How long were you out on maternity leave? What was your experience like?


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  1. Thank you for this post. I’m excited to spend time with my baby, but I’m also scared of getting cabin fever and feeling alone. Hopefully, walks and mommy group will help with that.

    • Savor every moment you have with your little one, Toya! Getting out by yourself (’cause you’ll need a break!) and with the baby will definitely help with the cabin fever. It was just hard for me – someone that’s super busy all the time, to all of a sudden have no where to go and nothing to do!

  2. As long ago first time Mom & now Nana you & Moh get a A+ for new parents. You guys really have done a wonderful job as Natalie is such a happy baby (if anyone hasn’t seen that fabulous smile of hers, you’re in for a smile that just warms and makes you grin ear to ear), I just love seeing the two of working together, my heart is full!

  3. I became a SAHM once my daughter was born. It was great for awhile then I started lose my mind because I never went out of the house unless it was to the store of the laundry.it went o n like that for the first three months after Amani was born. I even became depressed because I didn’t know what my plan was and the person I was living with wasn’t willing to help me in aemway. But now Amani is three and I’m more confident in my plans for our future.

  4. Reading this blog brought me back to how I felt when I had my son (even though it was 10 years ago). I also experienced cabin fever but I had no choice cause I had an emergency c-section & was re-admitted back in the hospital due 2 complication from the surgery and doctors and mom orders was 4 me to take it easy.
    When I had my son I was in the middle of my junior in college and I didn’t have the type of job that offered “paid” maternity leave, so I returned 2 school and work about 10 weeks after I had because I was determined 2 graduate and provide 4 my son.

    • It doesn’t matter how long ago it was or how old they get…we’ll ALWAYS remember those special moments of when our babies were first born. It’s such a unique time in our lives. Thanks for commenting, KP! *bighugs*

  5. Your blog is very enlightening and funny. Number 4 made me laugh outloud. 15 made me appreciate your candidness. Thanks and keep up the good work. I am so proud of you.

  6. Thank you, Niccole! I really appreciate you stopping by and commenting!

  7. This blog brought back memories….It has been a long time being that my baby is almost 13, but I was out for 3 months. Experienced a little bit of cabin fever and a bit of depression and loneliness from just sitting aroud the house all the time, I was a bit stingy with my baby and wanted to do everything for them myself, and I moved away from family and friends. So I had very little womanly advice or influence. It wore me out, but I made it. I went back to work and school after three months by choice. I felt like I needed to make sure they have a good life and I needed something for myself.

    1. I discovered that, I LOVED watching Tool Time, Tim is hilarious!
    2. Having a baby and being a mother is a precious gift. (unexplainable)
    3. Babies makes you feel like your worries in life, just don’t matter. ( when you cry they are always the one to make you smile)
    4. Motherhood is a FULL time job, which I have always embraced. ( if I know nothing else to date, I knwo how to be a mother)

    That’s all..

    • You have accomplished so much and I am SO proud of you! You are a great mother and I have definitely been taking notes! And I totally agree with your 3rd point. Having a child definitely gives you a whole new perspective on life and forces you to think outside of yourself in so many ways.

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