Baby Clothes: To Keep or not to Keep?

I read this post on about using old baby clothes to make a quilt. It’s a very cute idea (if you know how to sew – which I don’t) and a creative way for a mom to make use of those old baby clothes she doesn’t want to let go of. After I read the post it got me thinking, though. Other than for their nostalgic value, isn’t keeping old baby clothes kinda pointless?

Before you clutch your pearls in disagreement, think about it for a moment.

Babies grow out of their clothes faster than you can say, “oh look how cute!” I’ve been amazed at how quickly my C.C. has grown in the short few months she has been on this earth. I stare in disbelief at how small her newborn clothes are compared to the onesies she’s wearing now. She was so tiny! *wipestear*

The other day I had to reorganize her dresser drawers to rotate out the smaller sizes. I packed all of her newborn stuff in a bag with plans to give them to my sister whose expecting a baby girl this summer (yes, I’m going to be an Auntie and I can’t wait!). But even if I weren’t giving the clothes to my sister, I’d be giving them to SOMEONE.

I don’t see the point in holding on to clothes that she will never wear again for nostalgia’s sake (ok – maybe a onesie or two, but not all of them!)…especially when I’m sure there’s another mom or family in need who could use them. Granted, there’s the prospect of having another baby, which we plan to do eventually, but why save those items and let them sit around taking up space in the garage until we find out the sex of our next child (that won’t be here for at least another few years Lordwilling)? And what if we have a boy? Then what?

There are items that we do plan to use again, like the crib, high chair, play pen, etc. because we’ll likely still be using them when we have another child. But clothes? It just seems so short term to me. I’d rather donate them so another family can use them now, as opposed to me ‘possibly’ using them later. It’s a lovely thought to be able to look back and say to my daughter when she’s 12…”look at how small you were in this little dress!” At which point she’ll probably roll her eyes at me in annoyance (behind my back, or course! lol). But can’t I still do that with pictures? I know that the cost of having a baby can grow just as quickly as they do, but I would trust that the Lord would smile upon our generosity and provide all of the clothing needs of this second future baby I keep referring to.

I'll be out of this cute outfit in no time!

What say you?

Did you or will you keep or donate your baby’s clothes?


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  1. I haven’t saved any of my son’s clothes. I’ve passed them on to family, friends and a local shelter. I gave his dedication/christening outfit to a young lady that cleans the restrooms in my building because she’s sweet and her son is 8 months younger. She needed it and it worked out wonderfully. Even if I could sew, I just wouldn’t keep the clothes for a quilt. **shrugs** I’m not sentimental about stuff like that. I sold my wedding dress on ebay about 2 weeks after we got back from our honeymoon! *lol*

  2. I saved mostly all of my 4 year olds cutest outfits! My sisters who hav 11 & 7 year olds did the same thing. They passed the clothes to me & boy was I grateful! Babies grow so quickly & where outfits once most of the time until about 5-6 months of life. I will not b saving my 1 month olds clothes b/c my sisters & I are finished having kids & I don’t even need 2 save her cutest outfit b/c for the first year I take a picture everyday so it’s not needed. I think it’s a preference, I love clothes/fashion so for me my baby having tons of clothes & never repeating an outfit thus far is great 2 b able 2 do & it’s all b/c of the clothes we saved!

  3. I saved certain items like all of Moo’s 1st holiday oneises and the outfit she wore home from the hospital. We’re putting it in her Hope Trunk to hopefully use for her kids. However, I did give away and donate the rest of her clothes except for her baptism gown. I think it’s ok to hang on to a few pieces but you can’t keep everything.

    You’d end up with a huge mess on your hands if you did.

  4. We told people we didn’t know what we were having, so we have a lot of neutral clothing. So I’m keeping everything until we have another. If the next is not a boy, then I donate everything that is gender specific.

  5. Thanks for doing this post! I am on baby number 2 and I did save clothes from baby number one. But I have a girl and a boy and way too many clothes. I love the idea of finding someone else to share with. “Im not using it. ” love this!

  6. I was thinking of saving all my children’s clothes until I’m done having kids. Wondering if anyone does the same? Should I? Also, I know a lot of people buy cheaper stuff online because what’s the point–they’ll eventually grow out of it! I agree, but I started feeling different knowing it will have to go through some wear and tear as it gets past down till I’m out of children! So I was thinking of buying quality garments such as from GAP as opposed to K-Mart, what do you think??? I’m not a mother yet… So I need some motherly insight! Thanks 🙂

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