The pressure…of a name…

The first person that can tell me where I got the post title from wins 10 Cool Points!

The random thought on my mind today is about nicknames. My daughter has what seems like hundreds of them! There’s so many cute little names that we give her on a daily basis. Her number one name in our home is C.C., short for Chocolate Chip. It fits her perfectly because she’s so brown and so deliciously sweet!

Some of her other names (given to her by us and others) are:

Stinkerella, Stinkerbelle, Stinker (Notice a pattern? We have a Diaper Genie full with evidence on how she earned this one!)
Squirmy McWigglesworth
Squirmy McSquirmalot
Mommy’s Baby
Nana’s Baby
Natty Bear
Muñeca (that’s Spanish for doll)

I could go on!

I’m declaring today National Nickname Day! What’s your nickname for your little one?

For the really brave ones…what was YOUR nickname as a kid? LOL


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  1. My daughter’s nickname is Moo and my nickname as a child was Digger.

  2. My nickname was “Mimi” amongst family & friends, “Mi” from my Moma and Precious was my “Club” name…

  3. My son nicknames was stinkpot (4 obvious reasons)and bubba ( don’t know why I started call him that name I must of been watching Forest Gump at the time I started calling him that, lol) and mines was and still is Bookie (my mom just don’t want 2 let go, lol)

  4. I have a few of my own but my all time favorite was Redd (given by my dad)…because my hair turns different colors in the spring and summer and red was the brightest of them all..
    Jasmynes nickname was (and still is on occassion) pockalot mooka toot…dont ask me where it came from because I have no idea…lol

  5. We have so many nicknames for my son. The ones we use most often are Bink Man, Stinky, Doo daa, and Boy Boy (given by his 4 year old cousin).
    My nickname growing up is something that my family still calls me – Pumpkin.

  6. It seems like some derivative of “Stink” is common in most families! Those diapers can knock you out sometimes! LOL

  7. Pretty Woman

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