Mommy-Friends Make the World Go ‘Round

Recently I had the chance to spend some time with a girlfriend that had a baby one month after I had my daughter. It was our second time meeting up since having the babies (we had dinner while we were both still prego), and we had such a great time! We met up at an outdoor mall – had frozen yogurt, walked around, did some minor (extremely minor) shopping. It was so nice to stroll around with our strollers and talk mommy talk. We made googly-eyes at each others babies and swapped stories about baby dedications, diaper blow-outs, and the educational system in California…you know…all the usual stuff parents talk about when they’re together.

What I loved about this baby-love-fest is that I felt comfortable. Completely at ease. It was refreshing to have a conversation with someone that’s in the exact same stage in their life as I am. We’re the same age, our children are about the same age, both married, have similar interests. Whether you’re going off to college, getting married, or having a baby, there’s something to be said about having a friend that ‘gets it’ because they’re traveling down the same road.

My non-mommy friends love and care for me and my baby, but for the most part, my experience is foreign to them – so the level to which they can relate to the full scope of what’s happening in my life is limited. And that’s fine, but sometimes you just want to talk to someone that fully understands the nuances of adjusting to a post-baby body, hair shedding, and dealing with baby acne.

I’m happy to be forming, or in this case, nurturing more relationships with other 30something moms. The benefits of having a mommy-friend (especially for us first-timers) are endless. Connecting, sharing, supporting…yeah…that’s what we do – and I’m glad to have some company on my journey (thanks, E!).


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  1. I’ve found that I had to go out and make new mommy friends. The mommy friends I went to college with somehow changed once I got married and they remained single moms. We don’t do playdates or anything of the sort.

    However, I will admit that with the new friends I’m making, I’m looking forward to having that comfort and support and place to turn to for advice.

    • I agree! It’s a little scary but most times rewarding when we step out and make new friends. That’s another reason why I love blogging…I’ve connected with so many women that are so understanding and supportive (like yourself!).

  2. Wait, until I have meas a baby!!!! I am jealous of this post. #thatisall

  3. great post! I had to step out there and find mommy friends. I was the first in my immediate circle to do the wife/mommy thing. It’s great to have people that “get it”.

  4. Awww, how fun! I wish I had a Mommy friend in the same place as me – I would love that!

    • It truly does make a difference! But thank God for blogging! Even though I’ve never met some of my blogger-buddies, it’s great to have a way to connect with other women that understand the complex journey that is motherhood! Thank you for commenting, JeLisa!

  5. I can so relate to this post. Unfortunately, I do not have any friends with children (locally). As Cam said, I’m the first in my circle to be married with children. My BFF has small children now, but she is 500 miles away. I need to become more active and try to meet some mommy friends.

    • Same here with being the first one. We’re pioneers! LOL I crave(d) to be able to share a mommy-relationship with my closest BFFs, but alas, it’s not time yet. But, in the interim, I love being able to share this part of my life with other women and have new experiences with them.

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