Confessions of a Blog Stalker: Meet my Latest Obession

Sometimes I get lost in the blogger universe because there are so may great blogs out there that I want to read, but just don’t have the time to. Then there are some blogs that keep me from reading others because I get sucked in and check back for new content everyday (sometimes more than once a day #dontjudgeme). I start to develop…like…an obsession. Yes, I said it. I have blog obsessions and may even be classified as a blog stalker! 🙂

Remember how it felt when you first got that CD you’d been wanting for like, EVER and then you played it over and over again until it was scratched beyond recognition? It’s kinda like that, just with blogs! I don’t want to be the only one drooling over my fave new blogs so I decided to share a few with you (as my obsessions develop), so you can drool too. I enjoy reading blogs that offer great content and that make me laugh, think, and feel inspired!

The blog I’m currently stalking is Man Wife and Dog Blog, authored by Charli Penn-Watkins.

The tag for the blog is: Tales from a Rookie Wife’s Life and she hit the nail on the head! Her writing style is fun, engaging, and conversational (a woman after my own heart!). She writes witty and thought provoking posts about her experiences with being a newlywed. She and her husband make an adorable couple and their little doggie takes the cute factor to a level 10! If you’re an animal lover or parent to a “fur baby,” then this blog’s for you, too!

I enjoy reading Charli’s blog because she writes from an honest perspective about what being married means – to her and in general, making her posts easy to relate to if you’re a rookie or veteran wife. She gives great advice and even offers a space every Monday for other wives to share and offer their best tips and tricks for having a successful marriage.

Please take a moment to visit the blog and tell her I sent ya!

She’s also on Twitter (where I found her) and she tweets back, so hit her up!

Oh, wait! Annnnddd I forgot to mention that she’s also the newest Relationship Editor for! Uhhh, can you say: big thangs poppin’?! Congrats, again! I love to see young, successful Black women making moves and achieving great things!


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  1. This is lovely. Okay I am seriously cheek-achingly flattered over here. Thanks so much!!! (It’s the first review of my blog, and it WILL be going on the wall in my office — promise!)

    I’m going to share this for sure. Thanks Amber!

    • No way! I can’t believe I’m your first reviewer! LOL See, that’s why it’s good to do nice things…you never know how it will bless someone else. This day just get better! #seriously

      • Yes, you were my first. Therefore I will always remember this girl and hold it dear to my heart. It’s going on my wall. NOT KIDDING!

  2. P.S. It was a pleasure having you stop by Man Wife and Dog Blog. A true pleasure!!

  3. This is too sweet! I will be checking out this blog. Thank you! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the reminder. I read her once and then forgot to add her to my google reader. I’ve discovered that if I don’t add the folks I like to my reader, chances are it will be months before I stumble across them again. Thank God for google reader!

  5. Awesome post! I’ve been stalking Man, Wife & Dog as well because I love her fun, witty, and intellligent posts about life and marriage. Definitely one heck of a classy lady and one I greatly admire. It’s been such a pleasure meeting her online and becoming part of the “Meet A Wife Monday” alumnus.

    Every time I see a new post on Facebook I have to click on it. I may not always comment but I do read.

    Hey Charli! Thanks for letting us into your world and showing us how it’s done. You are truly an inspiration.

  6. Congratulations on being the wife of the week.

  7. Saw that you are Wife of the Week on ManWifeDog. Love this post! I was just telling my husband that I’m like a stalker. I just back like twice a day on some blogs… I’m now following you. Keep the great posts coming! ~Tiff

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