I liked “Jumping the Broom,” but I still have some questions!

*SPOILER ALERT* Do not read on if you have not seen the movie and desire to.

Over the weekend I had the chance to see “Jumping the Broom,” and I have to say that like so many other people I know – I really enjoyed it! It was well acted, fairly well written, the costuming was great, and the plot was plausible. HOWEVER! There are some questions I have about the film. I left the theater scratching my head on a few things and I want to know if I was the only one who thought these things!

These were my observations:

1) I’m all for a fresh representation of the Black family; in this case, one that’s bi-lingual. But why did they speak French so fluently? I mean, did Angela Bassett’s rich family come from France? Did they all used to live in France? The language was so prevalent that I kept wondering if I had missed something. Did I?

2) Mike Epps’ character was funny, but not funny enough. He’s MIKE EPPS! I could tell that his character was designed to so show some sensibility and to be the voice of reason, which, on some level, I did appreciate…but he’s a comedian, for goodness sake! And his name was Wille Earl! Like, c’mon man…Willie Earl????? That was a winning combo right there! Sometimes I found myself laughing in anticipation of what he was going to say, because I knew my side was gonna be hurtin’! But that side-splitting moment of laughter never truly came.

3) What was up with Meagan Good and the chef situation? Who slobs down the family chef at first meeting? No. For real…wheredeydodatat? And what chef goes fishing for oysters with no shirt on? That aspect of the story needed some serious development. It went from 0-60 in 30 seconds. And for the record, never slob a man down that you hardly know and then five minutes later ask him what he thinks of you. #notagoodtime

4) I love Angie B. I do. Lord knows I do. But didn’t her character seem overwhelmingly angry from the first scene? The movie had barely started and she was already mad. There’s a difference between being overly “bougie” and mad. She was the latter. #takeabreather

5) Didn’t Lil Romeo (or just Romeo now…I think?) look like he was trying too hard with the whole Tasha Smith thing? He played it fairly well until the kiss. He spent the whole movie professing his manhood only to grab her face like he was a teenage boy kissing a girl for the first time. And he was clearly shorter than her. #awkwaaaarrrdddd

6) Did Pooch Hall’s character have any relevance at all? And didn’t you spend a long time wondering where the other bridesmaid came from? She was just…there. All in the mix. Kinda like Pooch.

7) No Black movie is complete without Loretta Devine playing somebody’s mama. I know there aren’t a lot of roles in Hollywood for Black women, so I am not mad at her hustle – but can you say typecast? And she was hella shady, too! SMH!

8 ) Did you spend the entire time comparing the movie to Tyler Perry’s films? I did. Especially with seeing Tasha Smith onscreen. She seemed like a more relaxed version of all of her other roles in Perry’s movies…like her twin sister that practices yoga or something. I didn’t fully buy it because my only other theatrical impressions of her are that of a loud, obnoxious, crazy woman. Again, typecast.  But for his first time directing, I have to give Salim Akil a high five.  Tyler still has some growing to do with not making his movies look like an upgraded version of his play DVDs.

9) Julie Bowen, the event planner/assistant stole just about every scene she was in. The racial jokes were overly cliche, but it just worked for some reason!

10) I’ve never been to Martha’s Vineyard. But knowing that the movie was actually filmed in Nova Scotia made me feel like I was in Nova Scotia, and not Martha’s Vineyard.

As you can tell from my observations, the movie fell short in some areas (namely in character and supporting story line development), but like I said – I liked it, I really did! I would even watch it again. I was happy to spend my hard earned dollars on a Black film that was actually worthy of my support.

What about you? What were your thoughts?

Let’s chat!


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  1. Haven’t seen it yet but I want to. I’m just glad to be seeing more Black movies coming out and doing well. Hopefully, we can continue to see an increase. And I totally agree that I would like to see Loretta Divine play a different character besides somebody’s mama!

  2. Well there you have it! I have not seen the movie yet, but I definitely want to check it out, and I am sure I will take your comments into consideration. I’m curious to see how it stacks up against Tyler Perry’s movies. I also love a good comedy about black families!

  3. I want to comment, but I’m too busy laughing. I mean seriously, I don’t even know where to start. This was hilarious! All I can do is nod my head in agreement.

  4. Ha ha! Loved your commentary and in general I agree. I’m happy to see anything that’s not Tyler Perry. This was a cute, fun romantic comedy and I think it was meant be light and entertaining. It was that. Solid B from me! Now to your specifics, let me see:

    1) I assumed that they were Haitian. **shrugs**

    2) Agree. I saw him in an interview recently and he was worried that because he was clean and sober now that he wouldn’t be as funny.

    3) I’ve got NOTHING when it comes to M. Good. She plays the same pouty face sex pot in everything. She can’t act!

    5) But dang Lil Romeo grew up to be a nice little cutie! I feel like a cougar for even looking at that little boy like that.

    9) Loved the wedding planner! She was hilarious!

  5. I don’t have all of the answers but I’ve developed some of my own for you:

    1. I think that some of the family may have been Creole. That I assumed from the older grandmother like figure with the accent (when they were eating the pie on the porch).

    2. Yes Mike Epps is a comedian but we shouldn’t try to put him in a box. I’d like to see him do more serious roles and diversify his talent.

    3. I was very unhappy with this as well. I think a lot of the characters needed a little more development.

    5. Yes and the kiss was freaking disgusting. Ewwwww! I still cringe!

    6. He served mainly as eye candy in the topless football player scene. They could have done so much more with his character.

    7. She either plays someone’s mama or some very broken woman. I think she puts herself in that box…??? I don’t know.

    8. To answer your question, nope. I like TD’s movies better than TP’s. My personal preference.

    9. Agreed!

    • Hi, and thanks for reading and commenting!!!! About the grandmother…was she the maid? And didn’t you think they were going to get in trouble for eating that pie? I just KNEW Loretta was gonna come in and let them have it for eating that pie! Hahaha

  6. 1. I finally picked up the fact that they were Creole, as well…but late. But it took me a minute to pick up on that. I didnt until they said “Grand Mere'” I admit, I was lost too at the beginning.

    2. Yes I was mad. I was really expecting him to bring it and have me cracking up. But I guess because he was supposed to be the sensible one on the Taylor side, he couldnt be overtop. He was just awkward to me.

    3. Yes!!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt that way. I was like, “Are you serious?!” She is frequently typecast as someone’s sex kitten girlfriend.

    5. I think it was played up too much. I didnt like that part. PS- Romeo is a lil cutie! lol

    6. After his last scene, I forgot he was aprt of the movie. I just remembered when reading your post. #fail

    7. Yes I was SO expecting Tasha Smith to “come out of the bag” on somebody. lol. It was nice seeingher play a calmer, toned down character. She’s finally showing some versatility. It was awkward though. lol.

  7. We saw it last weekend, and I liked it, too. That was the cleanest PG-13 movie I’ve ever seen (I only remember one or two cuss words, and they were very innocent). Now to answer your questions (fun!):

    1. I guess knowing French means you’re bougie (sp)? My MIL is fluent in French, too, but she studied it thoroughly in high school and it was her college major. So it’s not too unrealistic, I guess.

    2. The only way I could get my husband to take me to this one is because Mike Epps was in it. WE LOVE HIM. I think he did a great job considering the type of movie. And I laughed quite a few times at him. LOL @ “Hey, Hannah Montana! Akon!…” TOO FUNNY.

    3. I agree with the Meagan Goode and chef situation. They could’ve left that storyline out.

    4. I was glad to see Angela Bassett again. Seems like it’s been so long. I guess they were trying to portray the stereotypical rich, unhappy wife with her.

    5. I found MYSELF feeling awkward when Romeo and Tasha kissed! I think I even turned my head at the theater because I felt like I was watching something in appropriate. The kissing scene was awful. But, Lord, when did that Romeo grow up (he’s so handsome)?

    6. Pooch Hall — LORD! Beautiful man. I love that his character in his movie was also corny — sorta like Derwin. But yeah, they should have had him play a bigger role.

    7. There’s something about seeing Loretta Devine in a movie that makes me feel at home. I grew up watching her in everything.

    8. I didn’t compare it to Tyler Perry’s stuff because I knew it’d be different. I support Tyler Perry even though I’m not in love with his work all the time (there have been a movie or two that I actually thought was good).

    9. Oh, you’re ABSOLUTELY RIGHT about the wedding planner. LOVED HER.

    10. Wait, that wasn’t Martha’s Vineyard? I was in love with that place the entire movie and even told my husband as we were walking out of that we should visit (I wish)! The place was gorgeous and I would love just relaxing every day in a setting like that.

    I liked the movie, and my husband thought it was okay (which is good for him). Very glad I went to see it.

  8. Saw the movie last night…

    1. I got the hint that they were creole or hatian however I didnt appreciate that being a direct correlation to their “bougieness”

    2. I actually enjoyed his character. Yes I would have liked him to be unleashed but at the same time I was happy to see him carry a dramatic moment. He wasn’t just “Mike Epps”

    3. That story line needed a lot more development. Or to be taken out of the film completely. It was a waste and did nothing but further prove that MG has no range as an actress.

    4. Love me some Angela but was I the only person that caught a “waiting to exhale” moment? That scene in which her character was talking to the “aunt” about staying in her place had a very “Bernadine” feel to it.

    5. Yeah that kiss looked awkward, the camera shouldn’t have been so close. Ooh whee, Romeo is grown now aint he? lol, that boy sure don’t look like his daddy, lol. My inner cougar was out when the camera scrolled to him with his shirt off…lol, if only I was about 6 years younger. lol. I am a Tasha Smith fan and would really love to see her in a different role. I’d like to see her in a lead role fairly soon. I think she has untapped potential.

    6. Pooch Hall? Eye candy, yes but pointless.

    7. Love me some Loretta Devine.

    8. Didn’t really compare the film to a TP film. I didn’t like Paula Patton. Her voice was were working my nerve, like she had a “whine” or something.

    9. Loved Jullie Bowen, her comedic timing is wonderful. I will continue to watch her on Modern Family.

    10. I loved the setting of the film. But I guess its cause I had no idea it wasn’t Martha’s Vineyard. I definitely thought it was cliche to be in the Vineyard. I mean, didnt I see that house in other films.

    Overall, I did enjoy the film but I don’t think it is one I will rush to add to the DVD collection.

  9. I think I expected so much more from it because the only thing close were the Madea flicks that it kinda disappointed me. I knew everything that was going to happen before it did and wished for a little more to it. But it was cute overall.

  10. I really want to see it! But with a newborn at home… yeah. So much for that. Lol.

  11. Ok… so I loved the movie… and here’s why… my mother and sis-in law made me drop the baby at my hubby’s aunt and got me out the house!

    So despite ALL of the many flaws, I loved it! But then again, I think going to the grocery store by myself is fun.

    Your commentary was hilarious! I agree on all points. And is it just me or was Paula Patton’s character reallly annoying. How old is she five? I normally love her, but she really annoyed me in this movie.

    • Ha! I know the feeling, girl! When you have a newborn you’ll take freeeeeedooooommmm any way you can get it!!!! LOL

      And no, it was NOT just you about Paula’s character. I thought the exact. same. thing!

  12. What’s wrong with a guy being shorter than his female partner? We females need to stop bagging on men just because of their height. We don’t men to do it when it comes to our looks, so we shouldn’t do the same thing.

  13. The family were likely Creoles from Louisiana. The. Creoles of colour were historically well educated, cultured and typically of means. Another cinematic depiction of a contemporary french speaking creole family is in the movie “Eves Bayou”.

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