The tale of my first major mama-bear moment

On Sunday while we were out with our friends we stopped at a restaurant for lunch. The restaurant was kind of small and it was packed! As we looked around for a free table, one family signaled to us that they were leaving and we could take their table. We do so, get settled in and waited for our food to arrive.

Lunch was pleasant…the food was great! As we were preparing to leave, I remembered that the baby hadn’t been changed in a while, so I picked her up and headed to the bathroom. I walked in, did my usual scan of the room only to find that there was not a changing station in sight! What was I gonna do now? Sit on the floor? I think not.

Since she didn’t have a poopy diaper I took her back to the table to change her in my lap. I try not to do that because, after all, we were in a restaurant. But again, what was I supposed to do? I wasn’t going to let her sit in a warm, heavy, mushy diaper until we 1) walked allll the way back to the car or 2) got back to my friend’s house. It would only take me a couple of minutes anyway.

I commence the changing process, only to hear some young, teenaged girl at the table next to us loudly proclaim, “Eew, that is so gross!”

My mommy-radar was fully activated in that very moment. My eyes turned red like the Terminator and my neck drove straight up with razor sharp precision like a robot. Oh. No. She. Didn’t! I looked that girl straight in her eyes and she looked away from me as if she didn’t say it. No, no, boo-boo…I heard you! If looks could kill she would have been dead.

I calmly and simply stated (while still staring at her in her face): “There was no changing table in the bathroom.” *shrugs*

I wanted to go over to her table and tell her and her texting teenage friends, “One day, this will be you. And one day some one will sneer at you as you do what you can in an inconvenient situation to care for your child. One day, miss missy. One day.”

Let’s discuss!

Do you find it difficult to walk the line of doing what’s appropriate in the sight of others in public places? Or do you go into straight mama-bear mode when it comes to “doing what you have to do” for your little one(s)?

This is a lion, not a bear...but it still conveys the same message: Don't mess with me or my baby!


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  1. Hmm, good question. I do what’s right for my family. I’ve been on the other side and not understand all that goes into a family outing. So, I tend to dismiss others around me because I was once that clueless. And, when I see a mom like you, doing what she’s got to do, I’d give you a small smile or head nod or something.

    • You’re right that it’s totally different once you’re on the other side. I’ve been doing the same thing…with offering a comforting smile or nod to a mommy (or daddy) with their little one since I’ve crossed over into the mommy-hood. šŸ™‚

  2. I have heard it from all over…I’m a mom of 3, and in the course of me breastfeeding (proudly been lactating off & on for 8 years), I have been confronted with the same rudeness. “Gross,” “Why would she do that here?” or my personal favorite, “Why can’t she do that in the bathroom?” To which I happily respond, the day you eat your lunch in a public restroom is the day he will too!

    I’m happy to say that attitudes are changing, my daughter is 18 months old, and while we are still a nursing couple, I have not heard one negative comment.

  3. CHILE!!!! I’m a MAMA-BEAR at ALL times…Store, Church, where ever. I am responsible for these kids and would do anything for them. And WET MUSHY DIAPERS are NO BUENO! And if looks could kill…there would be A LOT less people in my world! LOL

  4. total mama-bear! my baby comes first, i’ll deal with the foolishness later or not at all. Grrr! šŸ™‚

  5. They just do not know what is in store for them. Talking is catching. Some teenage girl is going to do the same thing to them for some that they are going to do when they are much older.

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