Wedding Day Romance

Welcome to today’s edition of Wedding Day Romance! I’m thinking of dropping the “Wednesday” from the title. It feels like too many words and the flow is off. What do you think? Or maybe I can just change it Romance Wednesday? I like the simplicity of that one…hmm…we’ll see!

In any event, I want to thank all of you wonderful ladies that plan to participate! If you wrote a blog post, please add the link in the comment section. If you wrote a Facebook or Twitter update, left a love note on his pillow, sent him a text message…list that in the comment section, too! I want to read all about how you sprinkled your marriage with a little love dust today. πŸ˜‰

Here’s my Wedding Day Romance moment (with a back story):

Over the weekend I was getting dressed to attend a graduation ceremony and took a quick moment to clean my wedding ring. After marveling over the brilliance of the diamonds after they’d had a fresh bath…I thought to myself, “why do I only do this on occasion?” Shouldn’t I want my ring to glisten and gleam all the time? I was diligent about keeping it clean in the beginning, but over time, I let it become dull and dirty from daily wear. This can happen in our marriages, too. We get comfortable and forget to put that extra energy and time into making our marriages/relationships sparkle.

So I’m resigning to clean my ring more often as a reminder of my husband’s love and affection for me.

Dear babe, thank you for designing such a beautiful ring that was perfect for me when we got engaged and that I’m still in love with to this very day. I wear it proudly (and promise to keep it clean!) because I’m so proud to be your wife.


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  1. Love it. You are so right. I don’t know the last time I had my rings cleaned. They are a symbol of our marriage & love, the pastor said so in the ceremony. I should take better care of them!
    I’m a fan of Romance Wednesday, that’s what called my post, today.

  2. I like either option. Romance Wednesday has a good ring to it. Here’s my post for this week:

  3. Thanks Angel. =) You make being a loving husband incredibly easy.

    BTW, I just want to put out there, that the Tiffany’s ring in the pic ain’t got nuthin’ on the one I got you. ~_^

  4. Love this! What a great application about cleaning the ring… simply brilliant.

  5. Hey amber, This is dad. this is the first time I looked at your blog. It’s Fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!! Dad. loves you.

  6. I enjoy reading Romance Wednesday! This is such a great idea and I do enjoy your blog.

  7. Oops! I spelled blogspot wrong in the address and it goes to a whole another site.
    It should be right this time.

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