More Peas, Please!

Last night was a huge milestone for the baby because she had peas for the first time! She’s been doing really well with her formula, oatmeal cereal in the mornings, and rice cereal at night. But now that she’s hit the 6 month mark, we’ve decided to give her a little more variety. Check out the pics of her first taste of baby food!

In other C.C. news, she’s got two teeth! Her bottom two teeth have sprouted up out of nowhere and she’s making good use of them…biting, tasting, sucking, and drooling on anything within her grasp. Awww, my little baby girl is growing up! She’s 15 lbs now and 26 inches. Where has the time gone?

I’m so grateful to be blessed with a healthy and happy child. I do not take one minute of my time with her for granted.

Ok, mommy...what is this you got me eatin'?


I don't know if I like this stuff!


Yeah...I don't appreciate you shoving this spoon in my mouth!


No me gusta! (This picture makes me laugh so hard everytime!)


Whew! Glad that's gimme my milk!


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  1. I have a feeling she is going to get us back for this one when she gets older babe. LOL

    • Seriously! She’s going to be so mad! LOL And I can’t tell you how much I LOVE the fact after four years of blogging, you’ve commented on my blog TWICE in one week! #amazed

  2. LOL. Look at her little face! Priceless. My nephew hates pumpkin and when I tried to feed that to him, he made a similar face. He loves potatoes though, so I like doing his mashed potatoes for him. I miss my little monster!

  3. Robert Moncada

    Hahaha!!! Love the pics! Loie walked in just now and started talking to the pics! She thinks that Natalie is still sleeping somewhere in our house because every time she sees a pic of her she says “blah, blah, blah Night-Night?” Awwww, we miss little you and your little Choc Chip!

    • I LOVE LOIE!!!! We miss you guys, too! I can’t wait for us to make another trip up there so we can see you guys again! Big Hugs!!!! I sang JM’s prayer song for days after we left! LOL

  4. :-)))) (That’s all i’ve got) Great pics.

  5. Look at her looking like a big girl eating her peas. So freakin’ cute!!!! And two teeth? Man, they grow so incredibly fast. Makes you wanna cherish every moment.

    • I’m sure you can close your eyes and remember exactly what Aiden was like at this age! And now he’s a walking, talking, reading, little fashionista! LOL

  6. THIS is so cute! Made my day…she is so cute with her little scrunched up face I just want to bite her (ok not really but you know what I mean) my niece is tooooo adorable!

  7. Omg she is so cute. Her face speaks volumes lol.

  8. Aww…these pictures are great! Good job getting in some healthy food from the start too:)

    • Thank you, Karolina! We are starting with ‘savory’ items first before we introduce her to the sweeter things like apple sauce and bananas. 🙂 I appreciate you stopping by and commenting!

  9. AWW!! She looks too cute!! I wish I had a girl!! 😦

  10. Wow it’s been six months already? Time flies by so quickly. I tried mixing a spoonful of babyfood with Moo’s oatmeal to get her used to it. Also, sweet potatoes worked better because they’re not as bitter.

  11. Those faces are classic! My kiddo hated her rice cereal for the most part. She adored almost every other veggie after that. She’d eat almost anything up until she hit 14 months. She’s 19 months now and she’s so picky. Hoping it’s just a toddler control phase.

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