Twenty Five Things That Make Me ME

We all have quirky, random things that in some small way, shape, or form, help to make us who we are. I saw this list on and decided to do one too!

Here’s a list of twenty five things that make me ME, that maybe you didn’t already know from reading this blog.

1) I went to three different high schools in three different states (no, I was not an Army brat, either).

2) The only book I remember reading while at one of those high schools was The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. I never saw the movie because I felt there was no way it could compare to the book.

3) I’ve had all four of my wisdom teeth removed.

4) I have a little brother that will be 18 years old when I’m 36.

5) My right foot is bigger than my left, and I first noticed that discrepancy in the 5th grade.

6) I simply cannot fathom how people go to public places like coffee houses to read, study, or write. I’m way too much of a people watcher to ever be productive in that kind of setting.

7) I’ve got scars on my body that essentially form a happy face: one underneath each breast and one from my c-section. Consider my belly button the nose of the happy face. : o )

8 ) I don’t sleep with my wedding ring on.

9) If I had to guess, I’d say that there’s only one week out of the year that my toe nails aren’t painted.

10) I’m starting to really, really, feel that wearing my hair straight is overrated.

11) I married a man that legally has two last names, but I only took one of them.

12) My daughter’s middle name rhymes with my middle name and I did that on purpose.

13) At Thanksgiving time, it’s not likely that I’ll eat dressing without cranberry sauce or yams without mac and cheese. I made up a name for the latter combination: yamaroni.

14) Every car I’ve had since I got my license, I’ve owned.

15) I’ve never had a beer. I can’t stand the way it smells.

16) Because of item #5 I have a huge fear of growing a bunion in my old age.

17) My great grandfather is from India. I’m not kidding.

18) I’ve had to use an outhouse before to go to the bathroom.

19) I interned at a major record label when I was in college and got hit on by one of the execs that was looking for some brown sugar in his life.

20) I love ice cream. Love it. But I think frozen yogurt from my favorite frozen yogurt place is giving ice cream a run for its money in the quest for my love.

21) Purple is my favorite color.

22) For a long time whenever people used to say that Jesus was in the garden of Gethsemane, I thought they were saying the garden of Yosemite.

23) I can say the alphabet in three languages: English, Spanish, and ASL.

24) I have a tattoo.

25) I’m extraordinary.


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  1. My right foot is also bigger than my left but it is a great source of low self esteem for me. Purple is my lucky colour, blue is my fave colour. And my paternal grandparents had an outhouse and so my first sleepover there as a child was also my last! lol.

  2. I don’t sleep with my wedding ring on either as a matter of fact I only put it on if I am going out I don’t even wear it around the house. I clean and cook a lot and I don’t want it messed up. All 4 wisdom teeth wow I only have 2 removed I still need 2 more to be removed. Great getting to know you a little better

  3. This is a great list. Tell me- how have you never used an outhouse?! I mean, you’re lucky that you haven’t, but still… I have way too tiny of a bladder to make that happen:)

  4. I do occasionally sleep with my rings on and I curse myself the next morning, when I can’t get them off! I have had all four wisdom teeth removed, also. I haven’t had to use an “outhouse”, but growing up, I had friends who didn’t have indoor plumbing. I used their bucket at least once.

  5. #13 is my favorite. =)

  6. GREAT list!! I enjoyed learning more about you.

  7. Heather Gilmore

    Hey woman I’m inspired to do this now. I just love your blog. I know we don’t talk a lot but it makes me feel so connected to you and your life. I miss catching up in class and miss you a lot. I need to meet cc badly!

    Did you know that I didn’t sleep with my wedding ring on either cause my jeweler told me it wasn’t good for it. So no rings on ever!!!

    Love my Amber!!!

  8. Great post! Thanks for giving us a glimpse into all things Amber!
    High five at yamaroni! The juice from the candied yams mixing with the macaroni and cheese?? Divine!
    LOL @ #6! Guilty! I go to Panera when I really need focus and get some writing done. Without the comforts of home, I’m pushed to do what I came there to do. I’m normally a huge people watcher, but when I’m on a writing mission, I can tune EVERYONE out.
    I do NOT love ice cream. I’m a strange bird, I know.
    I don’t sleep with any jewelry on. Too uncomfortable.

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