Romance Wednesday: The Art of Gift Giving-Love Tip #1

Occasionally in my Romance Wednesday posts I’ll include some simple “love tips” and ideas that have worked for me and my husband in our marriage. For my first one, I want to talk about gift giving.

After reading “The Five Love Languages” by Dr. Gary Chapman early on in our marriage, I discovered that gift giving is one of my primary love languages. I didn’t need a book to tell me that, though! I love presents. Love. Them. Oh, and surprises, too! I’m a sucker for a good surprise.

My husband on the other hand…not so much. Gift giving was his last love language, so I knew that finding some compatibility in this area was going to be interesting! After about a year or two of hit and misses on the gifts tip, I had an epiphany. Why not give him a guide to the things I like? I thought long and hard about some items I had been wanting and put them on a wish list, complete with pictures (men are visual learners, right?)!

On the list I included a digital camera, a bottle of Juicy Couture perfume, a pair of earrings and a bracelet from Tiffany & Co., and a few other random things at different price points. I gave him the list at the beginning of the year and stated that I’d accept any of the items on any gift giving occasion (i.e. my birthday, our anniversary, Christmas, etc.). That way, he knew exactly what I wanted – which took some of the pressure off, and I would be surprised at which item I’d be receiving. See how that works?! Brilliant – yes, I know. 🙂

I also included a clause that the items were subject to change at any time throughout the year (hey, a girl can change her mind!) and that mainstays on the list would forever be a trip to the spa or something from Tiffany & Co. He can NEVER go wrong with either of those two for as long as we both shall live! LOL

This kind of system may not work exactly the same for you (feel free to revise as needed), but it has worked well for us.

Do you and your spouse have any tips on gift giving? Please share!


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  1. OMG! I did this years ago and friends thought I was crazy! Some said it was rude,but my thought was why not have him give me a gift I would LOVE! I have gotten several items frm my list over the years:) I call it my Ultimate Gift List. It includes everything from DVDs to vacations! Great minds think alike!LOL

  2. I like this idea. Men are not usually very good with gifts. I like the idea of giving him a list. Poor guys – they just want to be in and out and if they know exactly what they are gonna get, I think they would love their wives or girlfriends much more. lol. And be less scared as well. lol.

  3. My husband is a hard person to shop for. So, when it comes to gifts, I do either clothes (he wears polos & graphics only) or gift cards. That way I can’t go wrong.

  4. as the mom of said husband of the princessofgeekadonia …smile…i just love that you are such a smart woman!!! it just warms my heart how you take care of MFG! you are always making things workout and keeping the family on smooth ground. You are MFDIL bar none!!!
    much love

  5. I’ve heard and seen that when women TELL their men exactly what they want, the get much better results. Kudos to you. Take the guessing out of it and get exactly what you want! LOL. Great suggestion.

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