Romance Wednesday: Be Adventurous!

My husband is a loner at heart. He’s an only child and although he does well in social settings, he’s most content being at home in front of his mistress…the computer. Hey, I married geek – what can I say?! I, on the other hand, love to be out and about, chatting it up with people. That’s why I’m a blogger! πŸ™‚

Because he’s such a loner it’s been hard at times to get him excited about doing things outside of the house. We live in Southern California – the entertainment capital of the world – and yet we often stay at home on the weekends. What a tragedy! So, over the course of our marriage I’ve learned to simply take the reigns in the ‘activity’ department and find things for us to do together as a couple and also now as a family.

This summer I made a “Summer Activity List” of things I wanted us to do. You already know how much I love lists!

I wrote about five things on the marker board in our room without saying a word, because I knew the visual would be enough for him to ‘get it.’ Then after a couple of days I mentioned the list and suggested we started setting dates to do the activities.

Here’s a list of places I have on the list for us to visit:

The Grammy Museum
The Griffith Observatory
The California African American Museum
The Orange County Fair

All of these things are very inexpensive, if not free and relatively child friendly. We went to the Grammy Museum last Friday and had an awesome time! That place was made just for someone like me!

It’s always so rewarding for me when my husband turns to me on our way home and says: “Thanks babe, for planning for us to do stuff. I had a good time.”

You’re welcome, sweetie…you’re welcome.


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  1. Sometimes they just need a bit of pushing! We all do. I am like you though…I like being out there, 98% of the time.

  2. that’s why URMFDIL…! you get MFS…Much love, YFM

  3. Ooh I linked up today! Awesome way to include the hubby in the activities in your city!! That’s awesome!

  4. My husband is the complete oppositie. He thrives around people. I used to be a “social butterfly” I totally burned myself out. Now, I just like to stay home (with the baby), and relax. Maybe once she’s bigger I will feel more comfy leaving her for longer periods (over 3 hours). It’s nice you made a list for the summer. Maybe I can take something from this post and do the same.

  5. I feel you, Kim! I’m definitely on the hunt for things we can do as a family. The weekends are my best chance to spend quality time with the baby. We took her with us to the museum and she stayed awake the whole time! I love creating new experiences for all of us. πŸ™‚

  6. A little adventure is always good. My husband is a homebody too. I am always working on ways to get him out of the house.

  7. sounds like me married the same man! i’m the social one – my husband and his other boo (the computer) are alright hanging at home. He surprises me sometimes and gets us out of the house.

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