Fun Times and Summer Love at the O.C. Fair

Going to the Orange County Fair was something that was on my list of Summer Fun Activities for me and my babe. I was thisclose to not going because I kept hearing about how expensive it is! Admission was only $11 (we had coupons for $2 off – score!), but for food, games, and rides, the cost can add up! I decided to go anyway because I felt that I’d be mad at myself and always regret not going. We went last Saturday afternoon and these are some of the pics I managed to snap!

Who has the time or the money to make a sign this big??? LOL

What's a fair without turkey legs? I wouldn't know, because I didn't eat one. But I was fascinated by how much meat was on that grill!

Fried frog legs and kool-aid, anyone?

I can't believe people enjoy these kinds of rides! #nothanks

I love ferris wheels, They're always so breathtaking and relaxing.

Me on the ferris wheel, looking all sun-kissed!

Going down this slide made us feel like kids again!

Summer love!

We had a really good time! I was so glad that we ate before we went because the sights and smells of all of that food was a bit overwhelming (not in a good way). We had some super yummy funnel cake and I bought a bag of cotton candy, for nostalgia’s sake. We rode a few rides, did some walking around, and called it a day! It was a nice date alternative to the usual dinner and a movie. Now that I’ve gotten it out of my system, I probably won’t need to go again next year. LOL

Have you done anything fun this summer with your spouse? If so, tell us about it! If not, make it happen!


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  1. We didn’t have any fairs to hit up this summer. We enjoyed the parks and grilling out b4 it got too hot.

  2. I haven’t been to the fair Anywhere in years! I love funnel cake!

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