Romance Wednesday: Food, Love, and Hurt Feelings

I mentioned in yesterday’s post how much I really enjoy cooking and consider it a true labor of love. Shopping for the ingredients, following the recipe, revealing the finished product…I enjoy all that cooking for my family entails. It’s such a great way to show the one you love that you care for them. I think that’s why you eat out so much when you’re dating. Sharing a meal is an opportunity to also share your thoughts, feelings, talk, and connect. Love and food definitely go hand in hand! 

With food (like in love), you’re in a vulnerable place. After putting your all into a meal, what if your sweetie doesn’t like it? Who wants to be open to rejection? Uh, not me! But that’s exactly what happened last night. Immediately after I was done with dinner, my husband proceeds to tell me that I should have added a little bit of this and a dash of that to make it better. He wasn’t mean about it or anything, but it definitely hurt my feelings (#cuetheawwws)! He’ does this often, which is my I call him the Suggestion Chef. He always has a suggestion for something I can do differently to my dishes!

It’s not that I can’t take constructive criticism, but dang…can you at least let me turn the stove off before you start critiquing?!!! He thinks I was being a little sensitive, and maybe I was. But like I said, no one wants to subject themselves to rejection, even in the form of food. After seeing the disappointment in my eyes, he came over, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and thanked me for making dinner. That made me feel better. Not to mention, he did in fact eat the meal! LOL

The moral to this story is that with love (and in food) we have to take pride in the things we offer to our spouses. In return, our efforts should be recognized by the other person. Mixing together key ingredients like patience, trust, and understanding make for a yummy marriage that’s healthy and good for you!

How does food play a role in your relationship?

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  1. My husband will tell me everything is delicious when we eat it and then a week later he will say, you should have added some garlic to that. He says I take it too personally(I am the one cooking). I guess I find it kind of offensive because I spend so much time cooking the meal and I feel it is perfect.

    • My husband said the same thing, about me taking it too personally. I’m sure it all comes from a good place with them. But for us though, it’s like Erykah Badu said, “I’m artist, and I’m sensitive about my *beep*!” LOL

  2. I hate to cook. Hate it. Just recently I have tried to do better. The more I try the better I get. I am actually starting to like it a little bit. I want my kids to have memories of home cooked meals. I do it all for them!

  3. Just to let you know again…that was a delicious meal and now my favorite that you prepare! I found it quite tasty and filling…I felt the love&hugs…smile…men! humrph! you’re not the lone stranger on that one…the nerve of that man…he may be my son but a man nonetheless…LOL! gotta love him…so i’ll blame that one his daddy’s side (hehehe!) but that was a really good meal my dear!
    much love

  4. Oh boy. I am not a big fan of cooking. I’m trying but, I’m not into it. I cook because we have to eat. That’s the only reason. It’s so sad. I can watch the cooking channel all day though and get excited about everything they make. I think if I actually had time to cook I would enjoy it more. Right now, it’s just one more on a long list of things I have to do. 😦 BTW, my husband gets a bit of the Suggestion Chef Syndrome going on too. Maybe it’s a man thing – but he always get a side eye from me on that one!

  5. I LOVE to cook, and consider myself to be very, very good at it. So when Byron finds himself the nerve to tell me “not enough salt” or *gasp* “did I forget something?” …… *wall slides dramatically* lol! I definitely, definitely feel you on this, because my feelings get hurt too! I’ve had to explain to him that if you decide to critique my cooking, you better sugarcoat it, pack it in bubble wrap, and wrap it with pillows, because just ONE wrong word…. lmbo!

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