“It is what it is” and four other abused phrases

This list will be self-explanatory! I am guilty of having used at least on or two of these phrases on occasion *holdheadinshame*, but some have had their 15 minutes of fame. Enough already!

1) It is, what it is. – Well what is it, exactly?

2) That’s wassup. – Umm, what’s up about it?

3) I’mma rock this (as in, this jacket, outfit, hat, or whatever). – So you’re going to rock, as in sway side to side or back and forth in said item? How is that a good thing?

4) Get it in. – Again, what exactly is “it?”

5) Let’s Gooooooooooo! – Where is everybody going?


Do you have any phrases, words, or statements that you feel have been abused by pop culture?



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  1. lol I use it is what it is very often. I use it in reference to say I don’t want to argue anymore or I don’t want to talk about a subject anymore you have said your point and I have said mines let’s leave it alone. I also use are you serious a lot because sometimes when people tell me things it’s so unreal that I have to ask if they are for real.

  2. It is what it is……. I say this one quite often when I absolutely can’t see any possible change coming my way. Lol!! It is what it is!!!

  3. I am SO tired of “get it in”! The other four are high on my “over it” list too. But “get it in” can officially be retired as far as I’m concerned.

  4. That shirt is fire!
    pronounce fiyah!!!

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