Fighting a Case of the Mommy Life Lonelies

Motherhood is a beautiful journey. But it can also be very lonely at times and right now happens to be one of those times for me. My closest friends are loving and supportive, but almost all of them are single and none of them are moms. There’s so much about  my life that they can’t relate to now that I have a child. And when you become a mom, what you crave most is for someone that simply “gets” what your new life is all about.

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  1. This is so true. My problem is a lot of my mommy friends are single moms who always seem to have a babysitter, and still love to go out. And I always feel left out because, hey I just don’t roll like that anymore. I mean I still like to get out, but it seems our priorities are different.

    • That’s an interesting point and perspective! I agree, I like to get out too, but I need to be back home to kiss my baby good night! All that staying up late is too much for me! LOL

  2. I am grateful that all of my friends are either mothers and/or married. I send virtual hugs, friends that understand you and where you are in life are so important. I know I’m not in Cali but I’ll be your virtual friend!

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