Basketball Wives and other VH1 Blaxploitation Foolishness

With its ever growing lineup of reality shows that feature African American celebrities, athletes, and entertainers, VH1 is becoming the modern, cable version of Blaxploitation films from the 70s.

Watch the video to hear my thoughts on Basketball Wives and other foolishness that keeps me from barely turning the television on at all these days!


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  1. I thought the LA season BBW was going to be different from Miami because LA is all about glam but I had to turn the channel when they had that fight. Too me there is never a need for too grown people to be throwing down in public unless you’re defending yourself against robber or something or somebody is messing with your kid. I was disgusted.

    I agree that these shows are Blaxploitation. I don’t think we really take into account how many other races watch this show and form an opinion that all Black people are hood, ghetto and sleeping with married men. We do need to be boycotting this foolishness. Lala’s show gets good ratings without any elbows being thrown.

    And if VH1 wants to do a celebrities looking for love show, why do they pick the most ghetto, fake, and crazy women and celebrities not really looking for love but the chance a line up of chicks to sleep with? They could really take notes from the Bachelor.

    I think until we as Black people start calling VH1 and the stars of these shows out we will continue to go downhill as a race on reality tv.

  2. I don’t watch much TV either. I haven’t seen the LA Basketball Wives and have no intention of watching it. I saw some of the original show and I couldn’t believe how stupid it was. I think the sad part is that this crap is broadcast around the world. These women don’t seem to “get” the perception their putting out their locally, let alone globally. It’s pathetic. So many younger people LOVE it and can’t wait to tune in every week. I know enough to know that what you watch and listen to will sink into your spirit and you’ll find yourself acting, speaking and thinking differently as a result. If you’re absorbing foolishness it will show in your actions.That’s a good enough reason for me to bypass all of it.

  3. I could not agree with you more. TV right now is so sad, there is NOTHING!! I mean NOTHING decent to watch. If we could go back to the Bill Cosby and Different World days when TV had meaning. These shows reflected morals, values, and principles of human living. Nowadays all you see is a bunch of celebrities; being glamed up, puffed up, and made up!. Theres no substance…and even with reality shows they are all about NOTHING!!. To answer your questions no I do not watch Basketball Wives, The Game, or even Bad Girls Clubs for that matter. I feel that these shows directly or even indirectly reflect and portray of African American culture in a negative light. I would like to see us viewed more in a positive light! I agree with Cam, what you put it eventually comes out. So I choose not to watch BBW or any reality show that has no meaning or purpose. Now I understand it is for sheer entertainment for others, but I choose to entertain my mind with something more stimulating like you said reading a good book, or cooking, or doing something more meaningful with my time then electing to watch foolishness. I think it is sad that this is the new wave of entertainment because so many young people glorify these reality show celebrities start immulating and consider these people role models because they are “famous” I thought a role models we teachers, a coaches, spiritual leader etc. I don’t see these types of “role model on these reality shows” but I don’t fault VH1 or MTV, I fault the viewers apparently they like foolishness. If we would stand up and not watch then these shows would not even be popular. However, American culture gets their kicks, thrills and thrives off drama, drama, and more DRAMA. I just hate that it has to be at the expense of the Black race. (sad).

  4. Hott! Mess! It makes me so mad that intelligent black women are still fighting to be on air as intelligent personalities, reporters and actors and can’t but ignorant ppl who play into the stereo types are plastered all over the networks! Many ppl were upset at how we were depicted in the movie the Help (a movie that told out story as strong black women)but seem to have no issues w the coonery that is shown on real housewives of ATL and Basketball wives (don’t get me started on the fact that there are only two wives cast on the LA show) #cooneryATitsFinest!

  5. You all bring up very valid points! It’s like the saying goes, “If you build it, they will come.” Except in this case, “if you film it, they will watch!” We’ve proven time and time again that this is what we WANT to see. So a great portion of the responsibility lies with the viewers.

  6. Amber, you’ve just said what all of us want to say.

    I initially tried an episode of Basketball Wives a season or two ago because of all the hype. I was immediately turned off by the acts of Shaunie and someone else (can’t remember) when they confronted the Gloria girl in the restaurant. I couldn’t believe how high school it was.

    Then I tried to watch the show again a later season. The fights, the he-say, she-say — it was all too much for me. I can’t do it.

    I can’t knock the hustle of Shaunie O’Neal or VH-1 because, honestly, the show is like no other. If the target market responds — why not give them what they want? You asked a very valid video at the end there: Who’s really to blame?

    I, for one, am disgusted and choose not to watch it. But it makes me feel a little better to know that it’s not real. (Well, I HOPE it’s not.) Hope everyone that watches miraculously gets disgusted, too, and stops tuning in. We don’t need this kind of stuff.

    • Well said, Gerri! It’s sad what lengths people will go to these days just to earn some cash from a television show. Heidi from “The Hills” is a perfect example of how “unreal” this whole thing is and the terrible effects it can have on people! Reality t.v. is NOT a career!

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