Life as I know it, is over…

…because I seemed to have lost my digital camera. This is a terrible, terrible thing for someone like me. I’ve always been a picture fanatic. Always. Ever since I was little. So now add to that my status as a mother and a blogger? This is a tragedy of the worst kind! You see, inside of every blogger lives a world-renowned photographer. Pictures help to tell our stories and bring them to life beyond our words. Snapping pics is a way of life. It’s what we do.

So imagine my heartache yesterday, when I wasn’t able to take pictures of Chocolate Chip in the KUH-YU-TEST outfit that her Nana brought her from Paris. Like, I can’t even put into words how adorable she looked! But I couldn’t document this moment of supreme adorableness because I my camera was nowhere in sight! I took pics with my Blackberry, but anybody that’s ever owned a Blackberry knows what a joke their cameras are.

I’ve looked everywhere it could possibly be, but to no avail. I normally have this gut feeling of surety on whether or not I KNOW I’ve lost something for good or if it’s still hiding somewhere. And for the first time ever, I’m split either way. It could be somewhere around the house…or gone forever. Buying a new one is not in the budget at all!  What’s a girl to do? I even wrote a post on my old blog about how happy I was when my husband bought the camera for me two years ago. This is no bueno! #sadface

I miss you, old friend. 😦


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  1. OH gosh, I hope you find it. I would go crazy if I lost my camera. Good Luck!!

  2. Saying a little prayer that it will resurface soon.

  3. As a rule, cameras and cell phones are ALWAYS in the craziest place you can think of when they get lost. Check deep down in the furniture,i always find interesting (remotes, toys, keys) stuff in there. I hope youre able to find it!

  4. I know how you feel. Some contractors came in to do some work on our kitchen and stole my old one. I thought I would die. Being without a camera is the worst feeling ever. Hope you find it!

  5. you’ll find it…I’d keep an eye on C.C., she’s probably trying to start her own blog and borrowed the camera. 😉

  6. :-(. Big Hug! Maybe it will just show up in some random place like behind the bathroom sink??

  7. Dang! Sorry sis! Still sending up good juju that it will be found!

  8. I’d go nuts if I lost my digi cam so I completely feel your pain

  9. Thanks for the support and sympathy, ladies! I really appreciate it! I still haven’t found the camera, but such is life. My grieving process isn’t fully over yet, but I’m managing. LOL

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