The Love Gallery

Part of raising a happy, healthy child is to have a happy, healthy home. My husband is my best friend and I love him to pieces! Together we make a great team as we try to navigate our way through life.

Wanna see pics youknowyoudo? Well, here’s some eye candy for ya! These are some of my favorite shots of me and my favorite geek. It’s a pure lovefest!

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  1. Can we please get some more pictures? I mean something. I am a VERY visual person ( too much testosterone?) and pictures would be *SO nice. Kisses.

  2. @ Lee…Dang, I said “coming soon”! Give a sistah some time! lol I should have said, “soonish” like you always say! šŸ˜›

  3. It is absolutely amazing to watch the manifestations of blessings through your life! I am in awe of God constantly through YOU. I KNOW it has been many days/nights of praying, trying and trying again, crying, laughing, worshiping and pressing. I am so proud and so excited to see your life continue to grow as a great friend, wife and soon mother!! You are inspiring and God as always knew to give you a lil mamacita b/c u have encouraged and loved so many of us girlfriends around you.
    Love you mucho!!

  4. Yay! You put pictures up….I love them. The love you and Moh share is so evident and beautiful. Your baby is being blessed with 2 of the most loving, caring and wonderful people I know! I can’t wait for many more pictures of all that God is going to be blessing your family with!

  5. What a lovely couple and i love that you said raising a happy well adjusted child is definitely all about having a happy home! i am your newest follower!!

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